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Result time.

Exams are over. The moment every student is relieved. But unfortunately, something smacks them in the face. It's call the exam results.
Ugh. The dreaded moment that a student hates.

Some might actually look forward to it because they want to see how well they have done. As for the rest of us, we don't want to see it because we know it sucks. It's just a question of how bad.

So today, I got back my result for my economics paper. It wasn't really good nor was it really bad.
But personally, I think it's definitely below my expectation.

I'm looking at my paper, expecting disappointment to hit me but it didn't come. I wasn't disappointed. Instead, I was motivated and excited which is good.

So instead of wasting time, moping and crying over spilled milk, I am searching for the mistakes that I made. I'm analyzing what went wrong in this paper and thinking on how I can avoid that in the future.

I'm just moving on and thinking on how I can be better instead of …


Currently, I'm having my exams. The biggest pain in a student's neck.

I don't why I'm so damn lazy. The exams is on but yet, here I am, going online.

Maybe, it's because I feel that reading it in the last few hours of the exam isn't going to save your ass or help you. I feel that reading it will only make you more stressed because you start to realize how much you really don't know or understand.

So whatever.

What will be, will be.

PS : My favourite book is being turned into a graphic novel (in a different point of view). Yea, I'm so rushing to the bookstores to buy it.

The Power of Books.

I just finished reading The Hunger Games Trilogy and damn, it really messed me up. I mean, it's been a week since I finished it and yet, it is still lingering in my mind until now.

This is why I say books are powerful. Words are powerful. The trilogy literally entered my insides, shook it up real bad and left. So now, I'm left wondering and just pondering. All I can think about is Katniss or Peeta.

Personally, I love the first two books of the trilogy but I did not like the last book at all (Mockingjay). I didn't really like how it ended. So yea.


I didn't like how in the third book, Katniss (the main character) just somehow went slightly insane. She lost her spirit for fighting back. 

That was the main problem to me. How can she just give up? Or rather go insane-ish? 
I know that she only human but still, she had so many loved ones around her. She had a support system. Why didn't she use them?  


That is why Uglies series from Scott Westerfeld is my…


 "Random decisions are pretty good decisions." Last week was pretty cool. I went on random places to eat twice. So yea. It was fun.

So here are some pictures of the awesome lunches~!

Honestly, I love the Japanese restaurant a lot though. It has a nice & cute ambiance. Fun thing is, I found this restaurant randomly too. 


By the way, I read Naruto chapter 537 : Itachi & Sasuke's reunion. It totally pissed me off as I just can't stand it. I was really disappointed. So, to make myself happy, I spend the weekend writing a fanfic on these two brothers.

Yes, I wrote a fanfic. I'm not a huge supporter of fanfics but yea, this time, I just had to because Masashi Kishimoto, mangaka of Naruto is just trolling us. So yea.

I wonder what this week chapter will be like. *runs to read the manga*

Anyhow, enjoy the fanfic. There's no yaoi, yuri, pairing or incest whatsover. There's just pure family sibling love. 

Naruto Oneshot.

the song "you"

Translation : What are you doing now, at what place?
Are you at a place where this sky continues into?
I lost that which has buried my heart until now
And noticed it for the first time
The fact that you had been supporting me this much
The fact that you had been giving me smiles this much
The price of having lost it is way too preposterously great
And I desperately reach out my hands and struggle to recover it, but-
It slips by just like the wind; it looks like I’ll reach it but I don’t
My chest is tightened by loneliness and despair
And my heart seems to break
But your smile that remains in my memories
Always encourages me
Let’s return to that time again
I’m sure that we’ll be all right this time
I’ll always laugh by your side
Right by your side¡­
What are you doing now, at what place?
Are you at a place where this sky continues into?
Will you be there with a smile like always?
Now I simply keep wishing for that
What are you doing now, at what place?
Are you at a place where this sky conti…