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The Power of Books.

I just finished reading The Hunger Games Trilogy and damn, it really messed me up. I mean, it's been a week since I finished it and yet, it is still lingering in my mind until now.

This is why I say books are powerful. Words are powerful. The trilogy literally entered my insides, shook it up real bad and left. So now, I'm left wondering and just pondering. All I can think about is Katniss or Peeta.

Personally, I love the first two books of the trilogy but I did not like the last book at all (Mockingjay). I didn't really like how it ended. So yea.


I didn't like how in the third book, Katniss (the main character) just somehow went slightly insane. She lost her spirit for fighting back. 

That was the main problem to me. How can she just give up? Or rather go insane-ish? 
I know that she only human but still, she had so many loved ones around her. She had a support system. Why didn't she use them?  


That is why Uglies series from Scott Westerfeld is my ultimate favourite series. I mean, Tally Youngblood didn't give up. Instead, the stubbornness in her remained, maybe even grew stronger. She always fought back.

So as much as I want to make The Hunger Games my new ultimate favourite, I can't. 
Hunger games trilogy is a good series, in fact, a great series but the ending just doesn't settle for me.  

And probably, the main reason why Katniss losing her spirit irked me is that there are people out there who sometimes, lost that burning spirit in them.

And recently, I could have been one of those people. I guess, the book is just a big huge slap on my face.

The book made me realize that we are all Katniss or rather the main character in our life. We are the girl on fire. We all have the spirit burning in us. Question is, what are we going to do?
How are we going to live our life?
What choices will we make?
Will we let that spirit in us die?

So, may we let the spirit in us burn forever! May we always keep fighting back! May we live our life to the best we can! May we just live! May we  make the choices that will make us smile!

Let's set the world on fire~!

Let our story be a good one to be told.

That was what I learnt from The Hunger Games, anyway.

 Anyhow, what I want to say is that books have the power to plant ideas, invoke thoughts and change an entire person perspective. Maybe, that is the reason why I love reading so much.

So, don't mess with books and never underestimate the power of books (or the author) 

PS : I'm excited on the Hunger Games movie. I would like to see how it goes and if it lives up to the book. 

PSS : I just bought the new series by Scott Westerfeld, Leviathan. (yes, I know it's been out for ages. But I'm still excited about it~!)


Happy "Sam" said…
Yeah !!~
I also love to read book but less ....

Because when i see book !!
The sleeping princess keep find me ~~
haha !!

But i enjoy reading de ~
Can learn a lot things.

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