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 "Random decisions are pretty good decisions."
 Last week was pretty cool. I went on random places to eat twice. So yea. It was fun.

So here are some pictures of the awesome lunches~!

Mushroom Soup
Fish & Buttered rice
Chocolate Mudpie

Salmon Teriyaki

The Bento Set.

Honestly, I love the Japanese restaurant a lot though. It has a nice & cute ambiance. Fun thing is, I found this restaurant randomly too. 


By the way, I read Naruto chapter 537 : Itachi & Sasuke's reunion. It totally pissed me off as I just can't stand it. I was really disappointed. So, to make myself happy, I spend the weekend writing a fanfic on these two brothers.

Yes, I wrote a fanfic. I'm not a huge supporter of fanfics but yea, this time, I just had to because Masashi Kishimoto, mangaka of Naruto is just trolling us. So yea.

I wonder what this week chapter will be like. *runs to read the manga*

Anyhow, enjoy the fanfic. There's no yaoi, yuri, pairing or incest whatsover. There's just pure family sibling love. 

Naruto Oneshot.


Happy "Sam" said…
Yeah !~
Nice ya ~
THank ya ~

I very excited for tomorrow friday ~
ROM ya ~
Register of marry

heheh ~~
文儀 said…
life .....shud enjoy it b4 it is 2 late~take care for ur health my dear.

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