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Learning about myself

Even now, I'm still learning about myself. Recently, I just found out the root for almost the entire reason why my behaviour is the way it is.

And I thought I knew myself. Well, there's always so much more to learn...even if it's about me.

Anyhow, lately, life been interesting. It's a roller coaster ride. One minute, I can be laughing my ass off and the next minute, I want to drop dead. So yea.

PS : here's just some random writing that I wrote this week, randomly.
Xerxes becomes Marquis


One of my favourite things in this world is FOOD~! I'm easy to handle if you have food. (so yea, go ahead, BRIBE me with food.)

Recently, I have been going out to eat A LOT. Hmm...I guess, that explains the reason why I'm broke.
I don't really go shopping and I don't really have huge expenses. But if there's one thing that I am willing to spend on, it's food. So yes, all my money goes to my food.
It burns a hole in my pocket but who cares, I got good food.

So here are some pictures of what I ate with my college buddies~! hehe~!

One day, my friends and I were in a shopping mall. We were hungry & decided to eat in the food court but it was full. So instead, we found this little Charlie Brown Cafe in some remote corner of the mall. NO REGRETS, though.

And then, another time, I found this cozy sandwich shop. I really like it. The sandwich is really tasty & healthy whereas the shop was busy bustling with people. It has a nice cozy feel to it.

Just last week, my fri…

To brace or not to brace?

I read this article yesterday : " Trip down bracesville "

And now, I'm back to square one. I really don't know if I should get braces. Ugh.

The main reason why I wanted to get my teeth done anyway is :
1. Dental hygiene & good dental health. 
Dentist take one look at my teeth and advise me to get braces immediately. So yea. That's how "bad" my teeth are.

2. Nice straight teeth.
Ok, I'll be honest here. I was laughed at for my teeth for five years in high school. So yes, I think my teeth looked absolutely horrible and yes, I absolutely detest them.

I know what you're probably thinking. They were probably teasing you and yea, they probably did but I heard it everyday, every freaking time I opened my mouth. I hate to admit this but this is the reason why I don't like taking pictures of me smiling or even taking pictures.
So yea, my self esteem wasn't great when it came to my teeth.

But then, this article tells me that yaeba (double-tooth) in Jap…

Life itself.

Exams, exams, exams.

You know what, forget that shit.

I'm not saying that exams aren't important but it isn't everything.
It's not everything.

IF you fail your exams, your life ain't going to end. It's just that, there will be certain changes to the plan you had in mind.

So yea.

The thing about life is that there is no ONE road that you must follow. There is no such thing as failures or mistakes either.
Life just flows and goes on continuously until you reach the end.

As for me, life is about living in the moment. What's the point of scoring straight A's if you can't stop and stare at the sky to absorb its beauty? What's the point if you can't smile and be merry?

So yea.
Let's just be merry~~!

(ps, I'm not saying that exams aren't important. I'm just saying that it ain't everything)