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To brace or not to brace?

I read this article yesterday : Trip down bracesville "

And now, I'm back to square one. I really don't know if I should get braces. Ugh.

The main reason why I wanted to get my teeth done anyway is :
1. Dental hygiene & good dental health. 
Dentist take one look at my teeth and advise me to get braces immediately. So yea. That's how "bad" my teeth are.

2. Nice straight teeth.
Ok, I'll be honest here. I was laughed at for my teeth for five years in high school. So yes, I think my teeth looked absolutely horrible and yes, I absolutely detest them.

I know what you're probably thinking. They were probably teasing you and yea, they probably did but I heard it everyday, every freaking time I opened my mouth. I hate to admit this but this is the reason why I don't like taking pictures of me smiling or even taking pictures.
So yea, my self esteem wasn't great when it came to my teeth.

But then, this article tells me that yaeba (double-tooth) in Japan are cute. I have that thing going on in my teeth. Oh, so now it's cute. What the hell is going on? I can't keep up with fads. 


But then again, every girl wants to look pretty and if braces does that, why the heck not? 

Reasons why I didn't want braces :
Horror stories, much?

2. Price
My parents aren't swimming in a tub of money and this isn't exactly important. But that was why I decided that I'll get my own braces when I work.

3. Losing a part of myself
This crooked teeth of mine is well, uniquely mine. It's what makes me, me. Just like my hair & every other part of me, it is rebellious & outstanding. So yea. Take that away would be like stripping a part of me away and letting the bullies win. So yea.

Now, I don't know if I should get braces or not. I actually already decided that I would get braces when I work but now, I just don't know.

The fight in my mind regarding braces isn't just about beauty... it's also about the inner me. 
Does having braces mean that I'm letting those teasing win? Am I losing a part of myself? Will I regret it?
Or does it mean that I'm doing to avoid future dental complications? Is it worth it?

Maybe, I put too much meaning in braces.

Oh well, I'm gonna sit in a corner and think hard about it.


Happy "Sam" said…
Good !~

My dear wife teeth .....
Very ugly .....
because no brace and yet ....
all teeth up and down ...

but my dear small small don't know at all ...
and the cost expensive ... so no brace ....

hehe ~
All is depend on you ~
Which one you want ??
I support you also de !!
hehe ~
文儀 said…
actually i think ur teeth looks al rite yeap. im vy afraid of pain....
Rachael said…
It really is up to you. If you ask me, choose the option you're less likely to regret in the future. :)

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