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Why can't I find any good clothes??

I went shopping on Tuesday and Thursday this week. Guess what, after a whole freaking day of shopping around, there was nothing much that I liked.

It's weird. When you are broke, you can find so much things to buy. But when you have money, you can't find any.


Oh well. C'est la vie~!

Nice little short breaks.

Well, my exams are over...for now. Currently, I'm enjoying a nice little short break.

I wish I had more holidays or breaks though because I really want more.

I'm just so tired and stressed up recently so this break really came at the right time.

Anyhow, for this little short break, I'm just going to 

1. Meet up with some old high school friends.

2. Train traveling

3. Maybe, do some writing.

4. Watch some movies or anime.

5. Last but not least, shopping.

So yea. Time to enjoy the little short break~!

Let's have a laugh instead.

It's exam week currently and yes, it sucks currently. I'm gonna suck so bad in this exam.

So instead of complaining how crappy my exam is, how about a funny video instead?

Here, a YuGiOh abridged parody version of Lady Gaga's (Bad Romance) song called Leather Pants. 

Enjoy, after all, it's done by my favourite abridger, the god of abridged himself, Little Kuriboh.

Leather Pants.

I got nothing to say so here's a song instead or imagine something wise and smart written here.

I really can't think of anything to say right now because my thoughts are just swirling everywhere and I can't collect them calmly.

So instead, enjoy a song.
This is a pretty interesting japanese song, sung by a vocaloid ( meaning, a robot or rather a singing programme sang it) And surprisingly, it's pretty good. But it's the lyrics of this song that really got me to love this song.


I wonder what I'm like in the eyes of others. I wonder what do they see when they look at me. I wonder what their impressions are of me.

Most of all, I wonder what my first impression is like.

I know that it doesn't matter what others think of me but I just want to know. 

Do they see me as a happy person or a weird person or that intense person? Do they see hope in my eyes or do they see destruction in my eyes?

What am I like to an outsider?

I've just been wondering.

Talking about impressions, I have to agree that impressions do matter. Your look and how you present yourself is important. 

So yes, in a way, fashion is important. Oh well.

As for me, I need to go shopping when my holiday comes. My wardrobe is too disappointing with crap in it. So yea.