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I'm the same yet different.

" Being in college makes people more mature, doesn't it? " - A friend of mine.Does it?

Maybe, it does.

It's odd. The other day, a friend and I were just talking. We talked about the time when we were in high school and all the silly things that happened.

Looking back, I noticed that I have changed and yet remained the same.

I feel that I have gained slightly more wisdom. I'm not saying I'm wise but I'm wiser than I used to be. I can see things in a different perspectives and accept it. I can accept things more easily now. In the past, I would have resisted a little more.

But at the same time, I haven't really changed as I still possess my craziness and my charming demeanor.

It's fun to simply realize all this.

anyhow, it's just fun to see how we are different and yet the same with our past selves.

I know this is a pointless post but whatever. I feel very pointless today.

Anime & growing up.

Earlier this year, I was thinking if it was time I should drop anime. Forget about it & just move on with my life. Anime was part of my childhood and teenage life. I felt that I should probably grow up & maybe, dropping anime was a sign of growing up.

At first, I really tried to stop liking it. I tried to change the way I felt & thought about anime. I wanted so much to look at anime and say, "Meh, it's just anime. No big. Something that I used to like & watch."
I really tried.

But then, I just couldn't. Every time, I try to distance myself from anime, I always find a reason that pulls anime tighter to me. I just couldn't think of it as something of the past.

That was when I realize that growing up won't be proven by me dropping anime. I don't know about you but I realized that growing up meant seeing things with more clarity and understanding more. It's about gaining wisdom while retaining the youth in your heart. That's how I feel any…


The speechless moment when you see your favourite musicians on stage.

The happiness that runs through your body when you scream excitedly for them.

The excitement as you hear the music being pumped out loudly.

The joy that you get watching your favourite musicians playing your favourite songs.

The confusion of emotions when you hear a beautiful song that touches you - you're not exactly sure to cry because you are so touched or to scream out in joy because the musicians are playing such good music.

The euphoria in the air when the musicians begin interacting with the crowd.

The energy of the crowd is just so high.

The comfort that everyone in the crowd loves the musicians just as much as you do.

For a moment, everyone in the crowd is a friend.

For a moment, there's just pure excitement and enjoyment.

For a moment, all your troubles disappear.

There's just pure intoxication of music & euphoria.

All these moments are moments that I will never ever forget.

Yea, I miss the concert. I w…

Train Travelling.

I had a pretty awesome day yesterday. All my friend and I did was got on a train, go to somewhere far and have lunch there. Then, come home.

To most people, it may sound ridiculous. Why in the world would anyone want to do that? Isn't it just a waste of time, money and energy? I guess, it's up to you.
I enjoyed it and so did my friend.

I always liked trains so doing this was not hard. I have always wanted to just ride a train to somewhere pretty far and remote while just enjoying the journey. That was exactly what I did yesterday. My friend and I picked a random place to go. Then, took the train there.

I like the feeling of not knowing where you are going, not caring where you are going because the destination don't matter. It's the journey that matters or rather the entire experience.

Frankly, sitting in the train was just so calming and serene. We just talked or enjoyed the scenery during entire journey. I could feel my soul at ease. No stress. Just peace. We had all time…