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It's a story of a man who was given wings made out of feathers and wax. With these wings, he could fly. However, he was told not to fly near the sun or else, it will melt and he will fall.

Icarus flew happily in the sky with the wings that he was given but then, he saw the sun. It was round, bright and just so beautiful. He wanted to see it closer and so, he flew towards it.

Unfortunately, he flew too close to the sun and his wings melted. He fell, all because he wanted to touch the sun.

Frankly, I don't know if I'm like Icarus. Am I dreaming the impossible dream? I'm not perfect but all I can do is my best. But is my best enough?
Am I going to close to the sun? Will my wings melt? Maybe, just like Icarus, I was never meant to touch the sun?

However, I'm still gonna try to fly. Maybe, my wings will melt. Maybe, it won't. 
But even if I fall, I want to be proud for at least trying. If I do fall, I know I won't be too sad. After all, that's the sun I am looking…

When the sudden realization hit.

I usually tell people to dream, to hope and to move on.

But I, myself, never truly understood it.

For once in my life, I really dreamt and hoped.

I always dreamed and hoped but I never ever thought it was possible. It felt like a daydream. Something sweet and nice but never reality.
But now, this dream could be a reality.

This excites me.

So now, I'm going to dream some more and work harder.

And even if the dream is not to be, at least, I won't regret it. Worse come to worse, I just have to come up with other dreams and try to make that come true.

I also realize that sometimes, it's not the external factors that stop us (even though, that pretty much blocks our way), it's the internal factors such as our paralyzing fear that stops us.

I doubted myself a lot. I am my own limit in that sense. I guess, I just have to try to get rid of that limit.

Wish me luck though.

I hope everyone can also continue to hope and dream for real, not just as a sweet lovely daydream.

Cambridge A levels.

This is gonna be a really long post. Don't say I didn't warn you. *cheeky smile*

Well, my A level will come to an end in a few more months. Honestly, this course has been a very interesting course.

A level is a pressure cooker where you are under constant stress and there's not much breathing space.
Frankly, it's like all Pre-University courses, it's tough. Trust me, if you survive Pre-U, you'll be able to survive anything. Yes, it's that bad.

But the thing is, I have learnt and experienced so much in this past year. I have even seen parts of myself that I have never seen before.

In that sense, A levels taught me so much. It tortures me, true enough but out of every storm, I learn something. I see things in better clarity now.

As much as I have learnt, I realized that there are many things that I need to learn and need to improve on myself.

I promise myself to continue learning.

In A levels, I have laughed the loudest, cried the hardest, hurt the most, have irritat…

...Not really sure what to say.

Since I don't really have much to say right now. Here, enjoy a random draft extract from a new story that my brain recently created.

It's a story about Kei, a drifter or rather a traveller with her talking pet wolf-dog named, Nigel.

(ps : I also included this in my stories section.)

The Drifter (Draft Extract 1)

She sat in the meadow, her bike standing next to the pole. She slowly bit her last sandwich. Nigel, her pet wolf-dog, glared at her, "Hey, I'm hungry too." "You eat way too much. We ran out of food for you." "That's why we have to go to the next country immediately." She looked straight ahead and saw a sign that stated 'Erojia.' She frowned. The thought of going back there scared her.
"I don't want to go to Erojia." "We have no choice. We will die of hunger if we don't." Nigel barked at her. She grunted.  Nigel sighed. "Kei, you have to face your past. One day or another." "What if I don't…


Last week, I went laser tagging with my friends. It was absolutely fun. Although, I sucked at it completely. After all, it's my first time playing and the fact that I completely suck at all this sort of stuff.

Well, a new indoor laser tag opened near my college and I knew I couldn't miss it. Plus, I always wanted to play laser tagging.

That's the cafe area.

Yes, the weapons. A laser gun & a jacket. It doesn't hurt but it vibrates when you are shot so that you know you are dead. When you are dead, you can't shoot or get shot by anyone for three seconds. Kinda cool, right?

When we played, it was dark and smoky with music blasting around. One game only lasts ten minutes but those ten minutes felt long because you are pumped with adrenaline. 

Plenty of partitions so that we can hide from each other. However, our jackets are lighted so that you know where your enemy is. Oh, there's also random lights flickering here and there, fooling you into thinking that's you…