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Oh, the irony of life.

It looks like I would be studying in a university campus that is nearby my old primary and secondary school.

When they were building the campus, I told myself, years ago, that I won't study in that university campus because it was too near. 
I didn't want to go back to that area after being there for years.

But boy, was I wrong. I am going back there.

It's not a bad place and it's the best place to study what I want right now.

It's the best option.

But, I suppose the irony is just making me laugh.

This also reminds me of the time when a friend told me about TAR College. 
I remembered saying to myself that I won't go there.

Guess what, I did.

I studied my A-levels there and I have no regrets.


You know what, from now on, I'm not going to make such statements again so that irony won't visit me.

Be careful with what you wish or say.

Sometimes, they turn out to be famous last words.

Oh well.

A letter to a younger self.

I noticed that people do write letters to their younger self. I know that my younger self won't read this but still, I thought this was amazing.
And so, I decided to accept this challenge and thus, I will write one letter to my younger self.
If you want, I challenge you to write a letter to your younger self.

I am not much older than I was but I am still a little older.

To a younger me,

Hello, it's me, an older you. Not that much older but still, older.
I have seen things that you haven't and so, I have things to say.

Like it or not, I have to say that sometimes, you are an idiot. 
Don't get too self-righteous. Don't let your pride blind you. 
You will do things that you will later regret.
Right now, you may not regret it but trust me, later you will.

As brilliant as you are, you, too have your flaws and you will only see them later. 
Sometimes, remember to be humble. Personally, I still have trouble with this.
Sometimes, you are cocky little thing and that gets you into troubl…

A christmas present.

I bought myself a nice butterfly chain.

I hardly buy such things for myself so this is extremely rare.

I needed this because I wanted something to remind myself of the moments I had in A-levels.

How I struggled in A-levels and survived.
How I have grown so much.
How I actually fought.
How my true self was revealed during the heavy pressure.
How I cried.
How I laughed.

As difficult and crazy as A-levels was, they were my most beautiful moments. Moments that I needed. Moments that forced me to grow.

A-levels was my catalyst and it made me grow into a beautiful butterfly.

So, this chain is to remind me that I am a beautiful butterfly and that I can continue to grow into a more beautiful butterfly.

And at the same time, it's a friendship bracelet as I gave this as a Christmas present to my college mates~! 

It is also to let my college mates know that they are butterflies too and they can also grow into a more beautiful butterfly.

May we all fly high~!


Would you believe me if I once told you that I thought cosplay was a little stupid?

Well, I did. Once upon a long time ago.

When I was 15, I was exposed to the world of cosplay. At first, I thought it was dumb. Why be someone else but you? Why waste all that money for no good reason? It was simply weird.
I mean, the characters are awesome but you are not them. And why do you even need to be them.

But at that time, my friends were cosplaying. I saw the effort that they put in and I wondered to myself, why?

When I was 16, I still thought the same but at the same time, I saw how much my fun my friends were having. That was when I thought to myself that maybe, cosplaying is fun.

And despite me thinking cosplay was a little stupid, I didn't dare mock it until I tried it.

To comment on anything, you must first try. That was what I felt. So, I had to try cosplay out and see what was the big deal.

So, that was why I tried it out.

And then, once I tried it out, I realized that I was completely wron…

A very merry unorthodox christmas~!

Wishing everyone a very Merry Merry Christmas.

Christmas is usually very important to me. But it was overshadowed by Comic Fiesta this year and it didn't help that my family can't celebrate due to my grandmother's death.

Anyhow, I did still buy Christmas cards and posted them out. Well, this is probably my last year doing this because I feel that doing this is a little too expensive.

I did buy some presents for my friends. I hope they enjoy it though. 

This year Christmas was rather different for me.
I didn't get any present from my family but got some from friends instead.
Thank you for the presents~! They were all amazing~!

And I spent the Christmas day, enjoying the day and hanging out with a friend.

We have pretty good expensive taste buds as we ate Japanese food. 

My friend ate a Salmon Roe rice dish.

I ate Sukiyaki. I have always wanted to eat this because in anime, they always look so delicious. The boiling soup with things in it. 
For this dish, I take the raw beef, dip i…

Comic Fiesta 2012.

Ps, this is going to be a long post. So, you have been warned.

This year, I decided to go to Comic Fiesta, which is an ACG (Anime, Comic & Games event).

Comic Fiesta is held in December, during a weekend. So, that means, there are two days. Last year, I only attended Day 2. But this year, I decided to attend both days~!

However, you need to buy tickets for this event. It's $20 per day. So, it's $40 for both days. If you buy the early bird, it's $35 for both days. But the early bird tickets ran out before I could buy them. 

AND THEN, BOOM, I saw something. 
Volunteering for Comic Fiesta. It will allow me to attend both days for free. Instantly, I signed up for it. Luckily, I got it~!

Comic Fiesta.
It is an event that many ACG fans await.
It is a place where you can be an ACG fan and not be judged. 
It is a place to meet other cool ACG fans.
It is a place to see your favourite characters come alive (thanks to cosplay).
It is a place to dress up as your favourite character or dress …

A tribute.

I know I should be writing. But first, I need to find motivation and right now, I can't find it.

Anyhow, I have so much love for all my characters that I decided to make a picture name for all of them.

This is just a tribute to all of them. To show them that I love all of them.

The bigger ones are the more important and more well developed characters.The bigger ones are also my favourites. 
But that doesn't mean, I don't care about the others.
I love them all. 
Equally? That, I'm not sure. 
But I do love them all.

Writer's block?

Let me warn you first. This may turn out to be quite a long ranting post. So yea.

Frankly, I'm not really sure to call this a writer's block. I mean, I know how the story go and I know how it would end. 
But every time, I stare at the blank screen, I don't know what to write for that moment.

World's Apart. One of my stories. It already has 50000 words. I should finish it. But I don't how to pick it up from where it left off.

And apart of me, wants to reedit it or to rewrite it. I don't know why. But when I want to do it, I just get so lazy or so demotivated.

I guess, I feel embarrassed. When I reread some parts of World's Apart, I just feel so humiliated. I see it's ugly flaws, it's terrible cliche plot device or it's horrible character development. Then, I get so mad by it. 

I mean, I'm angry because I don't want to disappoint my characters. There are always so beautiful. 
I love all of them and I want their stories to be told properly.
But for…


Yup. I'm really bored.

A-levels has ended. I only plan to start working in January. So right now, I'm bored.

I'm suppose to be resting but I guess, I miss having goal, having something important to do.

I know I have anime to watch or just to rest but even when I'm doing these things, my brain is restless. In other words, I'm still bored.

So yea.

I don't really have any other thing to say. I'm going to go watch more anime now.

The threads of fate?

Sometimes, it's hard not to believe that each of us have own fate.

Just only months ago, I was dead set on a goal. It was either I achieve that goal or I just forget it. I didn't have other plans. It was the goal or I don't do it at all.

But then, we are only human. We can plan but just because we plan doesn't mean it will work out the way we want it to be.

And as all things, my plan began to unravel. Sometimes , things worked out and sometimes, it didn't. But at the end of the day, the goal that I wanted so much began to be unpractical under my current circumstances.

Then, at certain times, it felt like my plan began to crumble and I felt absolutely sad.

It took a while but I had to accept that the goal I wanted so much had a high chance of not happening. 
I had to tell myself that it didn't matter and that was really hard.

But now, that I have accepted the possible realities, other things begin to pop up.
A reality that was so much more practical and desirable.

And th…