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Just like that, the harsh winds of reality blew, killing off the remaining flicker of flame from the beautiful candle of hope.

Obviously, just from the words above, you can tell I'm not happy with my A-levels results that came out recently. It wasn't good nor was it bad.
But I'm just not happy with it.

People say it's alright.
They tell me to move on and to cheer up. 
They say it doesn't matter as long as I did my best.
They tell me to forget.

I really appreciate the thought of them wanting to cheer me up. Thank you, really.

But I can't pretend to smile when I feel like crying.
I'm not okay.
I'm not alright.
It's not alright.

Will it ever be alright?
I don't know.
Will I be alright?
Eventually. Hopefully.

But right now, I'm not alright. So just let me be. Let me wallow in my sadness.
No amount of words can comfort me.
Nothing can.
It'll take a while for me to recover, like always.

All I need right now, is someone to understand that I'm in pain and is ab…

The last remaining glimmer of hope.

All I have right now is my last remaining flicker of hope. For now, it's the only thing I'm holding on to.

Will I finally be able to at least, continue fighting for my dreams?
Or will it be down the drain?

I don't know. I will only find out on January 22nd. The day of my results.

To say I'm fine is a lie.
To say I'm wretched isn't completely true.

Point is, I'm nervous.

I don't know how this would turn out but I will hope for the best. 

And as long as I can still dream, I will still dream.

Until it's smashed in front of my face, only then, will I stop dreaming. Only then, will I stop and make another dream.

So yea. We'll see what happens. Who knows.

The tale of the boy who took the leap of faith.

Indulge me so, let me tell you the tale of the boy who took the leap of faith.

Once upon a time, there was a boy who dreamt of going to the other side for all his life. But it was impossible to reach it because there was no bridge and a long deadly fall awaits those who jump but fail to reach the other side.

However, it was hard for the boy to not want to go to the other side because it was so beautiful. The boy has only admired it from afar.
The other side had nice warm sunshine raining on it & pretty flowers bloom gloriously. The sky above it was always so blue & pleasant. It looked so welcoming.

So, to reach the other side, he trained hard every day. He'd seen people who jumped and succeeded. He saw how they trained and so, he learnt from them. But he'd also seen people who jumped and fallen. The thought scared him but still, he wanted to believe that if he trained hard enough, one day, when he do jump, he'll be able to reach it.

Years passed & the boy finally fe…

Happy New Year~!

2012 has ended
And 2013 is here~!

Well, may 2013 be a much more awesome year than 2012~!

2012 have been great for me and let's just hope, 2013 will be better.


And like usual, every new year, I will make new year resolutions.

Right now, my new year resolutions are simple.

I want to be happy.
I want to live the best life that I can live.

Simple but can be quite difficult to achieve. 
I just want to live in the moment and be happy. 
I want to be proud of this life of mine.
I want to do things that will improve my life and others.
I just want to live.

Ps, sorry for the late wishing.