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The tale of the boy who took the leap of faith.

Indulge me so, let me tell you the tale of the boy who took the leap of faith.

Once upon a time, there was a boy who dreamt of going to the other side for all his life. But it was impossible to reach it because there was no bridge and a long deadly fall awaits those who jump but fail to reach the other side.

However, it was hard for the boy to not want to go to the other side because it was so beautiful. The boy has only admired it from afar.
The other side had nice warm sunshine raining on it & pretty flowers bloom gloriously. The sky above it was always so blue & pleasant. It looked so welcoming.

So, to reach the other side, he trained hard every day. He'd seen people who jumped and succeeded. He saw how they trained and so, he learnt from them. But he'd also seen people who jumped and fallen. The thought scared him but still, he wanted to believe that if he trained hard enough, one day, when he do jump, he'll be able to reach it.

Years passed & the boy finally felt ready. The other side was as alluring as ever. Eventhough, the distance was far, the boy had hope. 
He smiled, knowing that he would reach the other side. There was a sense of excitement. He would finally be able to realize his lifelong dream.

And so, he took the leap of faith. Fear & excitement browsed through him. His leap made him closer to his dream & he felt proud. It was nearer now. So close that he could touch it.

Suddenly, he began to fall. Fear, anger & disappointment rose. He was so close yet so far.

As he fall further away, his heart broke & he begun to weep. Then, the cold river below embraced him & he fell unconscious. 

The boy drifted in the river. Soon, he reached land & when he opened his eyes, he was greeted with gentle rays of sun and bird songs but he didn't notice it due to his broken heart.
He was still upset with his fall & how he failed to realize his life long dream.

He begun to walk to ease the throb in his heart and head. Slowly, he noticed how beautiful this foreign land was. Luscious grass grew, tall sturdy trees stood proudly and little flowers bloomed in all their glory.
He heard a soft trickling sound & he turned to find a little stream running, gently.

This place. Wherever it was, it was beautiful. It was as beautiful as the other side that he always dreamt of or even more beautiful.
But as wonderful as this place was, it was not the other side & the thought of his failure stung. 
He thought of all the people who managed to leap and reach the other side. All those people. Their leap was better than him. It made him envious. Why were they so special? Why couldn't he reach it? Why did he fail?
The pain grew.
But what could he do. He fallen. Those people who mocked him, they were right. It made him embarrassed. The bitter taste of defeat was even more prominent.

The sun shone hard on him & the warmth of the sun settled on him. It felt nice & the chill that he got from the river, slowly evaporated. It was as if the sun tore away his pain.
The taste of defeat was still there but a silent gratefulness crept in.

At least, he was still alive. He could have died but he didn't.

This land may not be the other side but it was still beautiful. 
And he only found this land because he fallen. 

True, he fallen. He wasn't able to reach his lifelong dream but he found something else. Something just as precious. 

The bitter taste of defeat still lingers but the surprise of finding this new land is overwhelming him.

This is a beautiful land and so, he shall live. He shall live with a pride that he took the leap of faith & found a whole different land through his fall.

He did wonder though, what he will do from now on. 

He didn't know but he had the luxury of time to figure things out.

Why did I write this? I don't know. All I know is that I did.


Kath Lee said…
I don't know. All I know is, since you are still living, anything is possible.
文儀 said…
I like this story.

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