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Paths and decisions.

Imagine that, you had to choose which path you want to take to reach a destination. So, you thought hard while trying to listen to your heart and seeking out advises. 

Finally, you came to a conclusion and thus, you chose a path. 

You are proud of your decision because it's the path you wanted.

You start walking.

After quite a long while, fear creeps in and doubts comes. The path ahead seems dark and tiring. You start to wonder if you made a wrong decision. Did you choose the wrong path? Right now, everything just feels so wrong.

You are scared. 
What if this path wasn't for you? 
What if it's too hard? 
But you made this decision, why change it? 
And suddenly you realize, you don't even really know what you want anymore.

You are wondering if you should run back to the beginning and then, decide from the very beginning. Choose a whole new path, an easier path. 
But if you do that, you waste time and perhaps money.

You feel unprepared for what's ahead that path. You feel scared…


Imagine that your college is in place A. And that's where you are studying.
Then, people tells you that, for one subject, since you are the only one taking that subject, you will have to go all the way to place B to study it.

They say, don't worry.
They'll pay for transport. And make sure that your timetable subjects in place A don't clash with timetable subject in place B.

Well, this is what I am experiencing for the subject Sociology.

Personally, I didn't have much problems with it except for a dislike of having to travel to two different places to study.

Then, I attended my first class for Sociology. 

That was when I realized I absolutely HATED this idea.

1. The holidays clash.

So that means if I'm on holiday for place A, I'm not on holiday for place B.

2. Group discussions. 

For place A, since I'm there for three subjects, it's not a problem to have group discussions. I mean, I see those classmates more often and I have time to see down with them to have g…

Childhood friend again. lol. I should just stop talking about this. sighs.

Ever since I wrote Coeur Noir, I felt so much better regarding my "childhood" friend. Everything I wanted to say and needed to say was in that story.
I felt liberated and finally, I could move on.

And for a while, I was moving on. I was doing well. And I was happy.


she posted her twitter account on facebook. Something that she never does because her twitter account is locked. So, it's pointless to post it on facebook because you can't see a thing.

It's like she wanted the world to know that she locked her twitter account and that she also wants me to know that I am locked out even though, in the past, I was not.

What? Does she want me to call her up or text her to ask her why she blocked me on twitter?
Nope. Not gonna do that. 

I wrote Coeur Noir. So if you want a reply, read that.

And today,

her name appeared on one of my communication chat as recommended friends to add.

I laughed out, HAHA. NO. JUST NO.
And deleted that notification.

Maybe, I'm reading too much in…

Friends, starbucks and stories.

My "childhood" friend and I had a falling out, if you can call it that.

Frankly, I don't even know what to call it.
Because, one day, I woke up and realized that she sucked as a person and a friend. And so, I confronted her on how she is never there for me.

Then, she blocked me on twitter.

So yea.

And in response to that, I grabbed a cup of starbucks (thanks to the free redemption for registering the starbucks card)

[thanks to the friends who got me that awesome starbucks card.

Once I grab a starbucks cup, a story will always follow after it.

So in response to her blocking me to twitter, I wrote Coeur Noir. I guess, it's just what I wanted to say.
Coeur Noir Part 1
Coeur Noir Part 2

(oh, I also posted this in the My stories part.)

So yea.

And that is all I have to say for this week.

Bad week.

It's been a pretty bad week.

And since I don't feel like filling up my blog with another long boring angry rant.
I got too much long angry rants. 

So here are some pictures of how I feel, instead.

So these pictures are the summary of how I feel this week.
So yea.