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I know that I did not update my blog last week. I apologize for that.

I was busy with preparation for a debate.

What debate you ask? Well, my college is having a debate and I was chosen as a teamleader. SIGHS.
So yea.

Anyhow, since I have nothing for you. All I can offer you is two things.

One, my writing works called the "The Young Queen"
It is the alternate reality of one of my stories where she dies differently and also an attempt to write in an Edgar Allan Poe style. (I think I failed at the Edgar Allan Poe style though. sighs)

Two, I can only introduce to you this awesome Japanese Rock Band called, ONE OK ROCK.

This band blew my mind away in just one song.

Well, good music is universal. Or rather, good rock is universal.
You don't need to quite understand the lyrics sometimes. All you need is to feel it and their music does exactly that. AND I just love rocking out to it completely~~!

And this is all I been listening to all week~~~!

PS : I editted my blog design. ME LI…

Falling sick.

I was sick this week.

So, it's not fun.

By the way, life has been pretty tough lately.

I mean, my goal is to have a balanced life. All that matters is that I am happy.

But everything is spinning out of control.

Sadly, I fell sick. So that means, I can't exercise and I am not really paying attention in classes.

My social groups keeps having outings that I cannot attend because I need to study. I hate feeling left out, seriously. sighs. But studies come first.

My studies. Well, I feel like it isn't going anywhere and I am only getting dumber. I have been watching too much anime lately. Sighs.

My stories. It's been stuck for two weeks now. ARGH.

Oh well.

Life's tough and that's life.

By the way, I wrote a Naruto fanfic for the HashiMada pairing called "The Confrontation."


How you choose to read that really depends on you.

It could be read as Impossible or I'm possible.

I chose to study Economics and Management in a really, really good university. One of the best actually. And since it's the best, obviously, it's going to be really, really hard.
My coursemates and I were discussing on how hard this course was going to be.  We heard rumors from our lecturers and seniors that, if there was 40 students in year 1. There will only be 20 students in year 2. And by the time of our graduation, only 5 will remain. That is how hard it will be.
Not only that, I heard that it is very, very hard to do well in this course. So, you may only get a normal degree that shows that you just passed your degree.
However, if you dropped out and went to another university.  An easier, kinder university, you can get the first class honours (the best degree) very easily.
What they are trying to say is, because it's so hard, you may just barely pass in this univers…

The darkest hours.

I was just wondering about the time in high school and how some of them were my darkest hours.

Then, I realized that I almost forgotten how my darkest hours felt.

And it's scary to know that I have somewhat forgotten these dark lonely moments felt.

I vowed to myself, years ago, that I will always remember so that I will always know that darkness do exist and that it lurks in all of us.

But I have almost forgotten these storms and how I survived them.

And it makes me sad.

But what makes me even more sad is that, I have no records of these dark moments. So, if I continue to forget these moments, I will have nothing in writing to remind me of these moments.

My blog wasn't created yet when I was going through this periods.

My diary was abandoned during this period.

I didn't like talking or speaking about this period.

So sadly, I will have no records of this period.

A very important period of my life that showed me that I was survivor and at the same time, a victim.

So yea.

I …