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Yes, another rant.
What is that rant?
I need more internet time.
My current time is not nearly enough for me to blog, check emails, watch anime, take personality quizzes & just surf the internet.
I don't even have enough time to watch the anime that I want to and I currently only have 3.  What the actual shit?!
Anyhow, my internet time is running out.
Gotta go.
Until next week then.

I am greedy.

Overwhelmed. Stressed. Tired. Angry. Frustrated. Isolated. Alone.

Just a few words to describe how I feel right now.
Well, I seemed to be surrounded by work and it's annoying that I am not on top of it. So yea. I do have some backlog work or that I can't do some tutorials due to my inability to solve them.
And that annoys me.
Trying to balance work and a social life isn't easy one damn bit. 
Events clashing, money leaving my pocket, undone work.
It's like everything is spinning out of control and it's so confusing.
And it sucks.
Life would have been so much more simpler if I wasn't so greedy.
But I am greedy and I want it all.
And I will be damned if I don't try my best.
So yea.
By the way, lately, I miss my pre-university days because atleast then, I had a group of dependent awesome friends.
Now, in university, everyone is just an acquaintance. They are nice but I am not particularly close to anyone and I miss that. I feel distant and alone. The wors…

I pretty much have nothing to say.


I have nothing to say.


Hmm....nothing much is going on in my life except the same old, same old, studies and trying to have a social life.

Hmm....maybe, I been focusing a little too much on anime lately. Oh well. A little entertainment didn't kill anyone. hehehe.

Ah, November is coming. Do you know what that means? YES, NANOWRIMO IS COMING.



National Novel Writing Month.

Most people are thinking up new brilliant stories, having crazy awesome wordcount goals or dreaming up new characters.
But for this year's nanowrimo, none of that is my goal.
My goal currently is just one thing, TO FINISH MY UNFINISHED NOVEL.
I just want to finish it. 
I want to prove to myself that I can finish something. So yea.
NANOWRIMO, here, I come.
Guess, I do have something to say. LOL.


I am not quite sure how I feel.

It's conflicting and contrasting.

I feel happy and yet sad.

I feel camaraderie and yet alone.

I feel hopeful yet hopeless.

Sometimes, I ask myself if I made mistake.
And on other times, I know I haven't.

So, my emotions are just stirring and I am rather confused.

And that is all I can say.