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I just finished my first novel which is World's Apart. FINALLY.
After years and years of creating it and finally, writing it down.
I feel so proud and happy. But at the same time, I feel sad because I miss it already.
NaNoWriMo really helped to push me so that I could finish it. So right now, I am thankful for the existence of NaNoWriMo. Without NaNoWriMo, I would have never even started writing my novel. So yea.
But I am really glad that I could finish it. Atleast, in this lifetime, I managed to write a novel. So if I die, there is one thing I can be proud of and be glad about.
Even if my story sucks, I will forever be proud of this story. 
My characters and plot are beautiful and wonderful. So, if it sucks, it's my fault for not being a better writer and for not having a better imagination.
Like they say, a carpenter never blame his tools. So, if my story sucks, it isn't the story's fault but it's mine.
But even then, I would be proud.
Writing this has been inte…


I just came back from a rock concerts.
Wow, rock concerts are amazing. They really are blood, sweat and tears. 
There were a lot of headbanging, screaming, singing, dancing and jumping.
And it was great.
I really enjoyed myself and had loads of fun.
But my body really aches now that the concert is over. Obviously, I overdid it.
I have no regrets though.
When the concert ended, all I can say is, I WANT MORE! THAT WASN'T ENOUGH!
Yup, they were that good.
So if they ever come back, I will definitely go.

NaNoWriMo, or rather, writing during the month of November.

My goal for nanowrimo this year is to finish my novel that I have been writing. After all, this novel has been in progress for years because I procrastinate alot. So, I feel that it's time to finish it. After all, a novel shouldn't take too long.
Anyhow, after a week of constant writing at night,  my word count sucks but I can feel the story ending. My story has reached the last two arc. Soon, it will end.
The funny thing is, as much as I want to end, now that I am beginning to reach the end, I feel reluctant and not ready. I am not ready to let go of this baby. I find it funny and weird. My emotions are conflicting.
And nanowrimo so far has been interesting. Sometimes it's fun and nice to see the story progress. Other times it's hard because the word count is shit, the story is shit & the words that come out is shit. I also find it hard to balance my life because I have university in the day and I feel overwhelmed by its work. 
But I decided to write at night and I …

Feeling sick.

Last week, I fell sick.

And wow, it sucked.

I hate being sick.

I wasted a whole week being sick.

So I am a little behind college.

And I wasted a week.

I don't like being sick. I hate that I wasted a lot of time. SIGHS.

Being sick sucks though.

Really suck.

And that's all I have to say.