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Well, this year alone, when it comes to writing, I have accomplished alot.

One, I finished a short story (Aletheia)

Two, I finished a novel, (World's Apart).

It feels good to finish my writing. Especially World's Apart. After years and years of both planning and writing, it really makes me happy that it's completed now.

But for World's Apart, it's still unedited. So yes, it's done but it has not been checked or properly edited.
I'm still glad that it's done though. Its' birth feels long overdue.

Anyhow, to celebrate its birth, I got an artist to make a book cover for World's Apart. And the artist is so kind to even make it for free. 

Look at the book cover, it's so beautiful. I really love it. It really makes my novel feel edgy, radical and absolutely cool. Whether or not, that is true, I really don't know.
But it sure makes me want to read my own novel. Hehehe.

Being able to complete the novel somehow proves to me that I am legitimate writer now…


Ah, what a year it has been.
To say that it was a great year completely, that would be a lie. But to say that it was a horrible year completely would also be another lie.
It was an interesting year.  A very interesting one to me.  One that I would probably remember for life.
2013 It's the year that I watch my dreams burst into flames. It's the year that I fell into a sea of pain. It's the year that I lost childhood friends. But, it's also the same year that I found new friends that would support me. It's also the same year that I learnt how to find happiness in the most darkest moments of my life. It's also the same year that I realize that I wasn't alone.
Most of all, this is the year that reminded me that life is a fleeting moment and that we need to appreciate everything. And that no matter how badly you fall, you can always get back up.
This year has been both painful and wonderful.
This year has both ups and downs. But I guess that's life.
And I thank this year for …


So it's time to CELEBRATE~~!

But just as I want to celebrate, I realized that December is going to be a really busy month for me.

I just have so many events lined up.

Oh well. C'est la vie~~~!

I really do hope that I attend the events and also still have time to improve my driving skills.

Because if I am not able to drive properly by the end of this year, I will be absolutely livid.


Writing in November when I should be studying.

I know that I should have studied during November instead of writing. But I had to do it. I had to write in November.
I had to dedicate the month of November to my story, plot and characters.


Well, day after day, month after month, I am busy with school or my social life or something. You just put everything else first, telling yourself that writing can wait. Writing can be done later because you are busy now. But the thing is, time passes, and you are still busy. Busy with school and life. So busy that I have no time for writing.

And someone who loves writing, that pisses me off. The writer part in me gets mad and dies a little. I keep putting writing off.

So, in November, for once, I want my story to come first. I wanted writing to come first. A month just to dedicate everything to it.
To let the writing part in me to come out and express itself.
To let my characters and plots grow.
To just write.
Everything else can wait.

So, I have no regrets.

Yes, I might screw up next week…