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Well, time to study.

Well, the exam is in May.

And all I can say is that it's getting closer and I must admit that it stresses me.

But it's time to study.


Sociology, Exam results & writing.

This is going to be a long post. Let me just warn you. So yea.

Well, I take Sociology and this subject makes me feel very intelligent. It is a subject that forces me to think and to question about our world and our interactions.

I really like that. And a lot of theories make sense. I really like reading about the old theories from dead philosophers and sociologists. It makes me feel like they aren't really dead and that their theories keep them alive and if I close my eyes, I can almost feel that they are right beside me. Sometimes, I wish these great philosophers or sociologists were still alive because I would have loved to be their student.

Other than that, I would read these theories and I would completely understand their point of view with that theories. I would agree with their theories and for a moment, it feels like I am talking to dead. It's crazy. But this subject makes me feel this way.

Sociology also makes me feel very philosophical. It challenges me in the way that I…

Summer time?

I know school just started but I can't stop thinking about the three months break that will happen in June.
Summer break.

Recently, I just been wondering what I should do during the summer break and I begun making a list.
And hopefully, it's a list that I can cut off. I am very tired of making lists only to watch it not happen.

Anyhow, the exam in May, before the summer break is very important to me. If I fail it, it means, I am not capable enough for this course and I would probably quit this course. What I will do after that? I am not sure.

And that is why, for this May exam, I have to be serious and I really have to do my best.
Unfortunately, that isn't working out too well right now. I mean, I haven't quite practiced my past years eventhough I should be. Other than that, I think I am relatively alright. But then again, that maybe an illusion.

Anyhow, I don't why but I really can't stop thinking of the summer break.

And this is a short list of what I wish to do.


University has started again.

Well, classes has begun.
And that means it's time to study.
That's pretty much all I have to say.
I do find it stressful.
I find it hard to balance my life.
So yea.
Oh well, wish me all the best~!