I was watching some anime this week and it made me wonder.

Am I broken?
Am I bitter now?
Have I grown into a sad pathetic person?

I don't quite know.

I fell down.
I watched my dreams disappear in front of my very eyes.

But I would like to think that I moved on.
But have I?
I don't quite know.

Did the me who believe dreams and possibilities died?
I hope not.
I mean, if I did, it's better to bury me because then, I have forgotten what matters.

Yes, I don't have a grand plan anymore.
Because grand plans are overrated.
Life can change course and everything changes.
And you may never achieve that plan.

But I don't quite know if I don't have grand plans because I know life is unpredictable or because I am afraid of failure.

Pain changes a person.
But I don't want it to make me bitter.

But just because I don't have a plan doesn't mean it's a bad thing. 
Because it also means that I am extremely flexible.

Right now, I just set simple realistic goals like passing my first year.

I guess my goals of life have changed.
I used to want to be a millionaire so much.
But now, I want to live, to be happy. (but that doesn't mean I can't be a millionaire, plus everyone knows that money help make life easier)

Anyhow, even if I'm still sad and broken, it's alright.
I can be fixed.
Things will get better, in the end.

So yea.


Happy "Sam" said…
Thank you ~

My place got water !!
Lucky !!

Haze now good already !!
Rain rain !!

mm, i only can do is bless the MH370 plane !!
I must happy happy contines my life !!
Don't let him worry me too !!!

Life got up and down !!
This way road not good ...
then walk other way !!
JchelzAerides said…
Dreams don't dissapear. They you just started to look nearer thats all ^^
文儀 said…
believing that we can fix things regardless how hard is that, except serious health problem and death. Such faith could help pull us back together again. Surely we are different after been breaking down and fix again, both good and bad.

The traumatise feelings will still come back, for sure. The past is threatening us, to remind us that the same history could replay.

Just feel what you can feel and do what you think it's wrong. If you made a wrong move thinking it is what you want, after some time your wrong decision will teach you what is your real desire, so you learn.

Fearless is a lesson learn after we defeated by the fear.

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