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Kagerou Project.

Kagerou Project is a series of vocaloid songs that has a story to tell but the story is rather complicated though.
But in my opinion, it's a very good story.
I can only give you the link to the song playlistand wikiof the series. 
You can check it for yourself if you like it.

Personally, I love this series.
In fact, I am sort of obsessed with it currently.
It's a series that speaks to my soul directly.
It's a series with irony, hope and tragedy.

It's about a bunch of kids with powers. They are weird and have no one but each other because no one else understand their situations.
But sadly, some of them had sad pasts like a friend committing suicide or being stuck in a terrible reality where they watch their friend die over and over again.
Point is, it's sad.

But at the same time, it's not all that sad because they have each other and they do look forward to a better future, having fun with each other.

And the tragic thing is, for the bad ending, they all die, being murdered…

Do not diss my course.

So I study Economics and Management.
Well, it's kind of in the business and finance area. 

I am a little sick and tired of people's impression of this course.
So be prepared for a rant.
Atleast I warned you.
Ps, I will be posting some extra blog posts to cover up for the blog posts I miss during my exam hiatus. So yea.

Here's what people think of my course and how I am sick of it.

1. People think that our parents forced us into this course.
Well, maybe, for some people, their parents forced them.
Not me though.
I picked this course.
I am passionate about this course.
I love Economics.
And I realized that I only love it more ever since the exams ended.

Maybe, I don't get to show off my love for economics because unlike other courses, there is no chance to.
But it doesn't mean, I don't love Economics because I do. 
I sincerely do.

2. People think that this course is evil because all that matters is money and it leads you to the evil corporate world. You will become evil or so the…

Summer, I suppose?

Sorry for the hiatus. I had exams and so, I had to stop blogging for a while to focus on that.
The exams came and it ended.
With the exams ending, it means that my summer break has began.
My summer break is three months long.

Before my exams started, summer break was this golden prize that I wanted so much. 
I had so much ideas and expectations for summer. 
I felt that this would be one hell of a summer. 
The best time of my life.

But now that it's really here, it doesn't feel like a golden prize.
Instead, it feels like a dead insect.
I don't quite know how to explain.
I want to have the time of life.
But it's not happening.

But then again, it's just the start of summer.
Who knows what will happen.

But I do have plans for summer and hopefully, I can tick them off my list one by one.
They are :

WritingReadingTravellingLearning to cookLearning to driveAnimeExerciseRelaxIt's a simple and short list.  But it's a list that I am happy with.
And so, let the summer began.
And hopefull…