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Do not diss my course.

So I study Economics and Management.
Well, it's kind of in the business and finance area. 

I am a little sick and tired of people's impression of this course.
So be prepared for a rant.
Atleast I warned you.
Ps, I will be posting some extra blog posts to cover up for the blog posts I miss during my exam hiatus. So yea.

Here's what people think of my course and how I am sick of it.

1. People think that our parents forced us into this course.
Well, maybe, for some people, their parents forced them.
Not me though.
I picked this course.
I am passionate about this course.
I love Economics.
And I realized that I only love it more ever since the exams ended.

Maybe, I don't get to show off my love for economics because unlike other courses, there is no chance to.
But it doesn't mean, I don't love Economics because I do. 
I sincerely do.

2. People think that this course is evil because all that matters is money and it leads you to the evil corporate world. You will become evil or so they say.
Look, money is not root of evil.
It's just a tool we use to get the things we want.
The more money we have, the better.
And what's wrong with wanting more?
What's wrong with wanting to learn about money itself and it's system?
It's interesting to me.

I like the corporate world.
I like the symphony of business deals, flows of money going in and out and the dance of the financial world.
I like that the financial world never sleeps and how it will keep me busy.
Most of all, I love the idea of having an office with a view of the city skyline and the fact that I will have a really thick wallet. 

3. People thinks that people who take this course have no creativity because it's all about the money.
Do you know why financial crisis happens?
Or why huge companies go bust?
Or why taxes can be avoided?
It's called creative accounting.
So just no.

And I am a writer.
I wouldn't say I have loads of creativity.
But I have enough.

4. People thinks this course is easy.
This one pisses me off the most.
My course is not easy.
Try differentiating and integrating without a fucking calculator.
Try reading five textbooks for one subject.
Try remembering theories and how to prove them mathematically all at the same time.
Don't forget you must learn applying them too.

It's not easy.
Because if it was easy, I wouldn't have broken down a few times in tears, wanting to commit suicide.
And no, I am not kidding.
Right before my real exams, I had thoughts of commiting suicide. It seems like a good idea at the time. But thankfully, the thought of pain and probably not dying from the suicide attempt stopped me.

So no. 
This is not easy.
It's hard.
Harder than I thought it would be.
Ask my classmates, they'll tell you.

I guess, I am just sick of people talking shit about my course.

I am not saying that my course is better than anyone else's. 
No, it's not.
It's just a course like any other course.
But I just don't want people to mock it and disrespect it.

Because remember, you also live in a financial world as long as you use money.

Just try to respect my course and I will certainly respect yours.


Happy "Sam" said…
The most important is your love it !!
Enjoy it the course!!

Aiyoyo !!
What kind of people also got !!
Money can become good and bad just depend how to see,use or think on it !!

Anythings also not easy !!
We small learn to walk also not easy !!
We also fell down a lot time then only learn it !!

Just forget other ya !!
This is your life, your way !!
What you want all in your hand !!

You can do it !!
文儀 said…
honestly money is so important n look back to our history, money is good, barter system has so many drawback rite? uol is tough, econ is tough and everything is tough. What matters if we hv to choose the one we really enjoy learning, so yea. many ppl think those who study law r brilliant ppl, in fact it is not lo. c the 1 who sit besides me on the first day of my exam...speechless. stereotype is bad because no matter where we are and all groups of ppl includes so many dif characteristic and qualities are varies.

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