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Grey's Anatomy

I don't usually talk about TV series but for this time, I must.
So please, forgive me. (This might be a very long post. So consider yourself warned.)

Grey's Anatomy.
It's has been running for 10 seasons.

I started watching this series when I was 14. Now, I am 21. I been watching this series for 7 years.
This series means a lot to me.

When I was 14, I had a really rough time.
And Grey's Anatomy was one of those things that helped me hold on.
I remember when I used to rush home from school to catch this series on TV.

When this series started, it blew my mind away.
It was a series about a bunch of intern doctors and their lives. 
But what mattered to me in this series were that the characters here were very human.
They got mad, they cried, they laughed and they danced.

Yes, there was a lot of sleeping around in this series but I pushed that to one corner because that was not what matters.
What matters was that this characters were very real. 
Their lives were a complete mess.

This series…

Writing Conflict.

It's time to write since I am on break but I do not know which story I should write.

At first, I thought I should write out the stories that are the oldest and completed.
And right now, that story is a love story about Laura & Nathan. 
Laura & Nathan story has been completed and it's my oldest story (it's 6-7 years old).
I am so happy to have this story to be written because it is about time.

However, another story, Xerxes is being completely annoying because it keeps popping up begging me to write it.
It keeps popping up in my head, pushing Laura & Nathan to a corner.
Xerxes is crying and pleading for me to write it.

BUT it's really not his turn because it's only 4 years old and it's story is half finished.

I keep telling him to stop and wait in line because once Laura & Nathan is over, it will be it's turn.
But no...... he doesn't want to wait.
He keeps shouting, crying and begging.

And I almost want to just write about him so that I can make him …

My life

I been catching up with my friends lately and I am so happy to hear how great they are. 
It surprises me how much has changed since I last saw them.

And then, they ask me, "How am I? How are things?"
I realized that all I can say is "I'm fine."

I don't have stories to tell.
There is no drama in my life.
Everything is going relatively well.
I go to classes and enjoy my classes.
I watch what I like to watch and enjoy it.
I read what I read and enjoy it.

Point is, I do what I do and I enjoy it.
And everything is going well.

And so, I just find it interesting I have no stories to tell about my life.
It's very simple.

But the most important thing is that I feel happy.
And I do.
It's like there's a certain kind of inner peace.

So yea.

Rotting in my house.

The summer break has began.
And I'm bored.

I want to do things but I don't know what to do.

I am trying to do the things on my list and so far, only three has been fulfilled.
But I want to do more things.

Well, don't worry,
I'll slowly figure things out.



I know it's an odd hobby.
But I think this hobby is good for me.
(but it's expensive though.*crying face*)

Because it made me take care of myself more.

In order to cosplay, your body needs to be in a good condition. 
Meaning that, you have to be healthy and well.

And because of that, I have started exercising.
If it weren't for cosplay, I probably won't exercise.
Exercising require too much effort and I'm so lazy. 
But knowing that I need to cosplay has helped me.
I guess it makes me care about my body more and makes me pay attention to it.
All that are good things. 

But what I really like about cosplay is that,
for one day,
I don't get to be me.
I mean, I love being me.
But sometimes, I need a break.
You get to be a character instead.
A princess?
A flame master?
A pokemon?
Whatever that you like.
And the idea of that is pretty cool.

For one day, you don't exist.
And that just sounds like fun~~~!

I know what I am saying is rather weird but that's how I feel about cosplay.

I stil…

Roaring Twenties?

Well, I find twenties a difficult age. I know I only recently 21 and it's still very early on in my twenties but still I find it difficult. It feels like puberty all over again, oddly enough.

When I turned 20, things didn't seem so bad. It wasn't great but it wasn't bad either. It was alright. 

But turning 21 was slightly more crappy.
21, it means that you are legally an adult.

Well, I don't feel like an adult.
I don't feel like I know what I am doing.
I don't feel like I am even in control of my life.
And that just makes me so mad.

I feel like the least I should do at this age, is to know have control over my own life.
To feel like I am the master of my destiny.
But I don't feel like that.
I feel like I am stuck in an ugly rut. 

So I just need time to myself to try to figure myself out.
Because right now, it's pretty interesting.

One minute, I feel alright.
And the next, I feel like crap.

It also doesn't help that the everyone else my age seems to have their l…