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I know it's an odd hobby.
But I think this hobby is good for me.
(but it's expensive though.*crying face*)

Because it made me take care of myself more.

In order to cosplay, your body needs to be in a good condition. 
Meaning that, you have to be healthy and well.

And because of that, I have started exercising.
If it weren't for cosplay, I probably won't exercise.
Exercising require too much effort and I'm so lazy. 
But knowing that I need to cosplay has helped me.
I guess it makes me care about my body more and makes me pay attention to it.
All that are good things. 

But what I really like about cosplay is that,
for one day,
I don't get to be me.
I mean, I love being me.
But sometimes, I need a break.
You get to be a character instead.
A princess?
A flame master?
A pokemon?
Whatever that you like.
And the idea of that is pretty cool.

For one day, you don't exist.
And that just sounds like fun~~~!

I know what I am saying is rather weird but that's how I feel about cosplay.

I still suck at cosplaying but hopefully, I get better at it. hehehe 
I don't plan of going professional ever because that takes way too much money and effort. hahaha.

So, this is just a little fun hobby that I have~~!

Ps, I think I will be cosplaying as Ayano Tateyama from Kagerou Project. 


Happy "Sam" said…
That good things at least got things to direct you go exercise !!

But remember
No cosplay also must do exercise ya !!
Healthy is important.
Got healthy only can take care our family, friends and ourself.

Cosplay i love it !!
I cosplay before superman in my secondary schoolmate wedding dinner !!
ho ho ho !!


So many people come take photo with me !!
I like superstar !!
wakaka !!

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