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Hanayamata reminds me of high school.

Let me just warn you that this will be a rather long post. so yea.

One of the anime that I am watching currently is Hanayamata. 
Honestly, I didn't think that I would like this anime as much as I do right now.
It's not a special show. It's the normal high school friendship anime where girls do what they love and in this case, dance a certain japanese dance.

It's those friendship type of anime filled with cuteness and sweetness. 
In the group, you have the shy reserved girl, the tsundere, the princess and the energetic annoying one.

And for some reason watching this reminded me of high school.

Personally, I am not a fan of high school but I don't quite hate it either. I just recognized that it was a part of my life. That's all.
But this anime reminded of the good sweet memories of high school.

It made me think of the good memories I had in high school and suddenly, I missed it.
I miss my group of friends.
The one that brought the light into my empty ugly dark high school m…


Yesterday, I attended a friend's graduation ceremony. 

Anyhow, it was nice watching other people graduate. 
Seeing them so happy made me happy too.

All the graduates had a certain glow to them and for some reason, it made me think of my own graduation. 

Honestly, my graduation is a very very long way away. 
I just finished my first year and I am only going to start my second year soon.
So it'll take a while before I graduate.

But honestly, I think I would enjoy my graduation.

The feeling of accomplishment.
The ability to say, I DID IT. 
The feeling of pride.

To know that you are a whole different person now compared to when you started the course.
To know that you are a more mature and wiser person. 

So yea.
To be honest, I can't wait for my graduation.

But for now, I just have to get prepared to start my year 2.

Exam results.

My exam results are out.

Honestly, I am just glad that I don't have to repeat year 1 and that I can safely move onto year 2.

My grades for year 1 were very very average.
But that's alright.
It doesn't mean that I can't get first class honours.

It just mean that I have to ace my year 2 and year 3. 
And that is exactly what I plan to do.

As long as you are still in the race, you can still win.
And right now, that is what matters.
The fact that I am still in the race.
The fact that I don't have to waste a whole year repeating year 1.

So yea.

I had a good rest this summer and so, when the summer break ends, it's time to get up and start moving.
I am feeling pumped up and motivated to go to year 2.

Holiday is about to end.

It's August now.

That means my results are about to come out soon and my summer break is about to end soon.
I will start university soon again in September.

It kinda makes me sad because I really enjoyed this summer.

It was really nice to have a few months to yourself where you can just flat out relax and do whatever you want to.

So I spend my time with my one of my most favourite thing ever.

I spend a lot of time reading, writing and watching stuff.

And it was fun.

Honestly, I wish I had more time to do that because there are still quite a few books that I haven't finished and a few other stuff that I haven't watched.

I know that to most people my summer break would sound boring but it wasn't to me.

I really just like the idea of relaxing before starting to work hard again.
At least, when university starts again this year, I can say that I am well rested and I am ready for the challenge.

I got nothing.

I really got nothing to say right now.

Except that anime is freaking awesome this season.

I haven't been this happy or excited in a long long time.


Enough of that, I'll put in a funny video or two here for your enjoyment.

Here's Weird Al's latest works. ENJOY :