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I don't really have much to say.
Not this week anyway.
Been too busy with university lately.

So instead, enjoy a nice video. 

Personally, I find this video funny but that's a personal preference. hahaha. so yea. Enjoy or not. Up to you, really.


I am in a little dilemma that I probably need to sort out soon because the deadline is coming soon.

Anyhow, my classmates are thinking of learning Spanish. 

Personally, I do think it's a good idea. After all, I have always wanted to learn as much European language as I possibly can (that's a personal goal of mine)

But at the same time, thinking about learning Spanish got me thinking about French.

I studied French before and personally, I do love it. 
But I have left it alone for years and thus, it has deteriorated quite badly.
Therefore, a thought entered my mind. Instead of learning a new language, wouldn't it be better if I mastered a language that I learnt before?
That way, I can truly say I speak French because I will be able to speak it fluently.

Thus, I am torn between the two. 

If I learn Spanish, I get to be with my classmates and it will be relatively easy since it's the beginner course. I won't have to sacrifice so much time and effort.

If I continue French, I get …

Iphone vs Nokia Lumia?

So the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus were revealed this week.

And of course, as an Apple fan or rather an iPhone lover, I have my own opinion on this.

In the past, I would have just been stare at the latest iPhone with complete awe and desire~~!

But not this time. (Not that I no longer stare with complete awe and desire but it's less now.)


Because my Nokia Lumia 520 has been really good to me.
Yes, it's a cheap phone.
But the windows 8.1 update has made it so much more beautiful.

Yes, I realized that when it comes to phones, it's aesthetics that I care about.
Yes, it's the beauty of the phone.

That is the reason why I love the iPhone so much. It's because it is so beautiful and pristine. I find it's beauty and elegance unprecedented. 

And recently, the windows 8.1 managed to give me the beauty and elegance I want from a phone.
I find my Nokia Lumia 520 so beautiful now.
And I love both the software and hardware.
The thing about Nokia Lumia 520 is that the hardware is alrea…

First week of university

The first week of university has started and even though it just started, I am already beginning to get stressed.

There is still so much things to do that I haven't done yet because I need to decide.

I need to settle my registration,
and I need to get the textbooks.

Textbooks aren't cheap, you know.

And it's time to pay the fees but because my faculty coordinator screwed up a little so the fees have to be paid but without the student loan that I am suppose to get. sighs.

Oh well.

Anyhow, things will only get busier from now but it's alright.

I just need to remind myself that year 2 has started and I can do this.
And I need to relax because I get stressed out way too easily. hehehe.