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I hope everyone had a wonderful christmas because I did.

This weekend, I am wondering if I should get a new phone which is the Lumia 535 but I am still thinking about it.

And this Saturday, I will be going to Comic Fiesta. However, this year, I won't be volunteering.

I fell sick earlier this week so I am not in the mood of recovering from overtaxing myself in an event. So I decided to only go to one day for a short while. 

Plus, it's all win win for me because I got a free ticket from a friend. Hehehehehe

Anyway, the new year is coming and it's time to come up with new year resolutions. I do this every year.
But unlike most people, I actually work at my new year resolutions. So yea.

PS, I was so obssessed with Thranduil that I actually wrote a fanfiction of it. So yea. 


This might be a long post so I apologize in advance.
Personally, I was never really a fan of Lord of the Rings. But I watched The Hobbit series because, well, my friends wanted to watch a movie and they chose that one.

Honestly, I never really understood Lord of the Rings as a child. All I know was that the movie were beautiful and long. My favourite back then as a child was Legolas. 

I only liked Legolas because, well, how could I not like him. He was good looking and he was a very good archer. Other than that, he had really nice long blonde hair and he was graceful. It was hard for me to not like him. Therefore, back then, as a child, I only watched Lord of the Rings for Legolas.

Then, when I watched The Hobbit, I was so glad to see Legolas. It was like seeing an old friend again from my childhood that I vaguely remember.

AND THEN, his father was introduced. Lord Thranduil, the King of the Wood Elves. 

From that moment on, Legolas had to move aside because I really like his father now. Hi…

Christmas is coming.

There is only 11 days left to Christmas~!

I am so excited~!

I have always loved Christmas. 
To me, Christmas is a time for friends and family. 

It is a time to stop everything you are doing and just spend some time with people you love.

It is a time to stop yourself and think about how the year has been.

It is a time to think about what you want the next year to be like.

It is a time to celebrate everything that happened in this year, good and bad.

It is a time to end the year on a good note.

So that's why I love Christmas.

And oh, I love the presents too.

Personally, I try to spread the Christmas cheer and one way of doing that is by sending out Christmas cards.
I know it's a dying tradition and some people thinks it's silly.
But sometimes, it may cheer people up.
Then, I will continue doing this.

Have a good Christmas celebration yourself~!

I know it's too early for Christmas but I just came back from my university christmas dinner, so I am feeling a little christmasy. 

As for my dec…

Feast on this instead.

I don't feel like doing a normal blog post today.
So I am going to write about Xerxes instead.
Or not.
Your choice, really.

Just a little challenge to force me to write in a first person point of view because all my stories are written in a third person point of view.