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Ipad Mini

Anyway, I recently bought an Ipad Mini. 

But my Ipad is not like the one above. It's not silver. It's space gray. Well, it's as close as black as I can get and personally, I love black. So yea.

Quite a few people come up to me and asked me why I would buy an Ipad Mini first generation when the third generation is out. According to some people, I should have atleast bought the second generation.

Well, let me just say something here.

I did alot of research before I bought that Ipad Mini.
Trust me.
I know what I am doing.

Buying this Ipad Mini made me realize exactly what sort of consumer that I am.
And I am proud that I consume this way.

I am the type of consumer who will search up your features, prices and etc.
I will do my best to find out about the device and what features do what.
And I will try to match my needs and wants to the exact device that will serve that purpose.

I wanted to buy the Ipad Mini for university.
It was so that I didn't have to print so many tutorials, past y…

Life and infinite possibilities.

Recently, I have felt extremely happy and excited to be alive. 

Anyhow, recently, I was wondering if I should buy an Ipad Mini for university purposes. I thought hard and long about it. 

Well, in the end, I decided to get one.

But as I was thinking if I should get one, my thoughts went to so many places that it was really interesting.

It was in that moment that I realized that life had infinite possibilities. Anything can happen. So much things can happen that it is brilliant.
Problem is, we have time and money constraints.

That makes me a little sad. 
However, that shouldn't stop us from knowing that life itself is brilliant with infinite possibilities and this fact makes me really excited for life itself.

I am a greedy person though. If it's possible, I want them all. However, in life, that's not quite possible. So choices have to be made.

When you know so much infinite possibilities exists, sometimes, that makes it hard to decide. 
The reason that it is hard is because when you d…

Week 2 of 2015

Well, it's the second week of 2015.

How are things for me?

It's alright, I suppose.

Achieving new year resolutions are never easy.

It's an interesting journey with ups and downs.

Just this week alone, I had moments where it felt really hard to keep my new year resolutions and other times, it feels easier.

But life is that way. So yea.

Sometimes the limit is yourself.

I plan for this year to be great, wonderful and fabulous.

So, I am starting out with optimism. Loads of it.

Some days have been good, some days not so much.

But it's okay. Life is a journey and the most important thing is to continue moving on.

To be honest, I am changing some of my personal beliefs this year compared to last year.

I want to do well in my degree, so I have to feel and behave like someone who does well.

It's not that I haven't behaving like someone who wants to do well. I been studying hard and doing my best.
However, my emotions are constantly in a turmoil.

I am constantly afraid that I can't do it.
I am constantly doubting myself every time I hit a tough topic.
I am constantly going, I am not sure.
Point is, I don't see myself as a top student.

If anything, I just see myself as a struggling mediocre student who wants to do well.

And I need to stop.

I need to start believing myself.

I need to stop panicking and doubting and being afraid every time I hit a tough t…


Well, the new year is here.

And honestly, I am glad. I been feeling rather prepared lately for the new year to come. So now that it's here, I feel happy and relieved. It's like a new chapter of a book. A fresh start.

Anyway, every new year, I make new year resolutions. It's my thing. But unlike most people, I actually try to work at it.

Honestly, new year resolutions to me isn't a bad thing. It's like planning for your year and how you want it turn out. Sometimes, it doesn't turn out exactly as you planned but at least you had a plan.

Sometimes, my new year resolutions are of previous years because I haven't achieved them. There's nothing wrong with being unable to achieve your old new year resolutions as long as you tried your best. The thing about life is, it's not a straight road. 

Let's say, your new year resolution is to exercise. So you start exercise. Then, somewhere along the line, you got lazy and stopped. But that doesn't mean, you cons…