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Been a lazy week.

Because of the chinese new year holidays, I have been relatively lazy.

And I shouldn't be.

My exams are in two months time.

So it's time to buck up and go full gear.

It doesn't help that my head and heart are not in a focused point. 

I am too busy thinking about something else that is not exam related.

And I should stop.

Anyhow, it's just time I get up and go for my exams!!

The life of an ENFP

I have taken so many personality quizzes in my life but my favourite has always been the Myers-Briggs personality quiz.

You can take the quiz here. Or you can google it and find a more accurate one according to your taste. Your choice.

I have found the Myers-Briggs personality quiz to be the easiest to take and the results are quite accurate. Not only that, the results are understandable too.
Harder ones are sometimes too complicated but I love those too.

Anyhow, I am an ENFP.
In some ways, it's quite true. I am that way, in some sense.

But of course, I have to remember that the personality type result is not everything. I am more than just an ENFP. I am also a person. 
But having a personality type result do help to explain alot of things and make  you feel less alone at times. lol.

Anyhow, as an ENFP, we have a major problem at times.
We are both feeling and intuitive.
So that means, we are good at perceiving things and noticing little details of people. We like to pretend that we underst…

Growing up?

Recently, I visited a friend in a hospital with other friends because she had dengue fever. As I visited her in the hospital, all of a sudden, I felt very grown up. 

Maybe, it's because most of my university classmates are turning 21 this year and I can tell that some of them takes it seriously. They do throw parties and such.

I turned 21 last year however, it never quite mean anything to me because I didn't have time to think about it. I had to focus on my exams and so that drowned out all thoughts about turning 21.

Even though I did turn 21 and that was supposed to signify that I have now become a grown up but I never quite felt like an adult.

Well, I wouldn't say that I feel like a child or a teenager. But I feel like I am in between the transition of a teenager and an adult. I am neither here or there.
And at first, I did feel left out because through facebook, I could see that most of my high school classmates have grown into adults through their dressings and certain mann…


Music conveys a lot.

And for me, there's often a few songs that I relate to or managed to say a situation that I went through before really well.

I just found a song that managed to say a situation that I felt before really well. A song that I really connected to on a spiritual level.
I haven't found a song that ever talked about a situation like this before so this song is the first and it suits it really well too.

I embedded the video here. However, do ignore the video because it is a little weird. Even I can't watch it. I just listen to the music but ignore the video completely.

I am going to paste the translation lyrics here.

The seasons die out, one after another; the voice of death becomes wind
A man not susceptible to the charms of the city looks up at the moon and notices how unrefined it all is.

In a life stuck in mud, the rain itself tastes of alcohol
With eyes filled with apathy as they wander the city, I’m an innocent man acting suspiciously at the station.
In order to u…