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A little motivation to pick myself up

I been a little lazy and demotivated recently when it comes to my studies. And it doesn't help that I was a little upset because I got rejected from a firm that I wanted to intern in.

So overall, I wasn't feeling great.

I decided to get my nails painted. 

And honestly, that's a huge booster to me. 

I have only painted my nails black before but this time, I decided to paint it in a different color but it's still a dark color.

It's interesting that people are surprised by the fact that I like to get my nails painted in dark colors. 
Personally, I don't understand that.

I had a friend who said that painting nails black makes it looks like a monster. I found what she said interesting.
Because the reason why I paint my nails black or dark colors is because it makes me feel powerful. 

Yes, it looks like a monster. But I feel like a powerful monster that will bite your head off if you cross me.
I feel confident.
I feel like the boss.
I feel awesome.
I feel great and powerful.


Funny what people think.

I have always been interested in what people think about me.

I have always been curious in how they see me. 
Because I can't see myself through their eyes. It'll be one point of view that I'll never be able to experience.

So the only best alternative is to ask people and get their opinion of me.

Some people thinks that by asking these questions, I am annoying. I don't mind being called annoying because that's not quite false either because sometimes, I know I am annoying. hahaha

But some people have said that because I asked these questions, I come across as a person who doesn't know myself.
I find that hilarious because I do myself but I am doing this because I want to know more about myself.

And sometimes, through this, I get to learn more about myself.

Even I have to admit that I don't myself completely. I am complex with many many layers and you can never stop learning about yourself because I am constantly changing.

So I find it interesting when people say that…

The interesting world.

I know that the world is a diverse place.  Since it is a diverse place, I understand that there will be a variety of people with their own different set of thoughts.
But recently, people have been saying things to me that sort of pisses me off.  It's not what they said was rude or anything. But sometimes, what they say is unbelievably small minded and it blows my mind that there are people like them around and that I actually know them.
I don't say anything to them because I don't want to be rude. But it left a little angry for a while.
However, it is pointless to be angry at something so silly. Plus those people who said it don't mean any harm. I'm not mad at them per se. I am just mad that they actually think that way.
But since people are entitled to their own thoughts and opinions, I have no right to be mad or anything.
I should just accept that different people have different thoughts and I should respect them even if they seem silly.
Well, only goes to show that I have mu…