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My course and my career.

Anyway, there was a talk on Monday about careers. The overall point of that talk was that we needed to figure out what we wanted to do in respect to our careers and once we do that, we need to equip ourselves with the right skills and tools.

So the question is right now is, what do we want to do in respect to our careers?

Honestly, I am quite uncertain what I want to do for my career.

I just know that I want to be in top management. Or even better, a CEO.

But of course, how do I get there?

I know that I am willing to work my ass off to achieve what I want to achieve.
So I know I am fine.

I know some people might think that I am taking a very idealistic optimistic approach but I like this approach so I will use this one.
What if things don't go as I want them? It's okay. I am winging this as I go so I am totally cool with the results.

But the thing is, I have to think and decide on what sort of career I want. To make it more detailed so that I get an advantage.
Problem is, I don't re…

Staring at your past self.

I found this song randomly on the internet.
And I found that I really like it.

I couldn't exactly pin point why I like it at first.
And then, through, the lyrics, I suddenly saw why.

Funnily enough, this song managed to say exactly how I felt in the past.
A long time ago.
It was so long ago, that even I almost forgot about it.

This song says exactly how I used to feel.
It's weird though.
It's so long ago.
And this song seems to be stirring something old and odd in me.

I can't quite make it out.
I been listening to it non-stop, hoping that it will inspire me or something.
Because this song makes me feel like inspiration is coming.
But at the same time, I can't help that inspiration won't come from this song.

If anything, maybe, this song is just reminding me how I used my old ugly dark emotions as an inspiration.
This song makes me want to write about something dark but sadly, I am no longer at that part of my life so I can't write something dark.

Other than that, this song …

Summer plans?

It would be almost a week since my exams ended.
And I just realized that I don't really have a plan for my summer break yet. 
Nothing wrong with that.

But personally, I want to put this time to good use.
Or rather, I don't want to regret this time.

So far, I have not done much but meet up with some good old friends and talk.

I have not really watched anything or read anything.
So in a way, I haven't really done anything. 
And yet, it would almost be a week since my exam ended.
Not that I mind actually, but it just feels that time moves so fast.
Just relaxing, being glad that there isn't a schedule or worry anymore makes the days pass by rather fast.

I know that I want to write and read. 
I know that I want to watch some anime and TV.
Maybe, I want to work on my french and spanish.

But other than that, I am not sure.

Do I want to pick up the violin again?
Do I want to learn how to bake or cook?
Or do I not want to that?
Do I try to learn coding for the fun of it?

So yea, I am not really s…

Past and Present

A friend sent me this song to listen to and I did.
And for some odd reason, I connected with this song at certain parts.

I understand that this is real life and sometimes, this overwhelms me.
I understand what it feels like to feel like you are gonna break. To be staring in the abyss and to feel like you are cracking.

I know what it is like to be in a really dark place.
I remember what storms feel like and it was just so easy to give up.
But I didn't.
And thank god.

I do know what it was like to feel like I was nothing but now, I feel like, my life is dream.

In a way, I am so grateful for everything. For everything that has ever happened. The good and the bad.

I am not saying that my life is perfect. It isn't.
But I am so far away from where I used to be.
And my life is only gonna get better.

I also know that dreams are hard work. I know that you will have to struggle for your dreams sometimes.
And sometimes, you don't even get it in the end.
But that never means it's over.
Because no…





Anyway, since I haven't blogged in a while, I am going to blog to cover up for the posts that I miss in the past. 

So the summer break has started for me.

I can feel that this summer will be a great one for me. No matter what happens, I know I'll most probably enjoy it.

Honestly, I don't really have a plan for the summer break yet. I am still very open.

It's funny though. Before the exams and during the exams, all I wanted to do was write or watch things or even read.
But now that it's over, I am not quite sure what to do.

I find it interesting that a lot of people are surprised that I do not have a plan for this summer break. Is it weird to not have a plan?
Personally, I think being open is good.
That way, you can be whirled away to any journey quickly.

Plus, the best things in life are usually the most simple and random things. So might as well keep it open.