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In a way, my holiday is ending.

Well, it's not because my school is starting. But it's because I have internship and internship is working.

During our school period, a few of my classmates started planning for their three months break. A few of them were talking about internships and honestly, it wasn't a bad idea. 
There were also other things that was being thrown around such as travelling and summer schools. All of which aren't bad at all.

I was really torn between summer schools and internships. Sadly, summer schools was way too expensive so instantly, I had to choose internships.

I thought an internship would look good on my resume. 

I applied to big firms and I got rejected by a few of them while some of my classmates got accepted. It kinda sucks getting rejected but I suppose that is apart of life. 

I should be used to rejections by now but it still hurts.

But luckily for me, my dad knows people who owns small accounting firms so I ended up getting an internship anyway.

Bad hair days are real.

I haven't had a bad hair day in a long time.
And funnily enough, today, I had a bad hair day.

By bad hair day, I mean, it's a day where nothing goes right.

Today, I just ended up wasting time and being absolutely mad. 

And just I thought I could run away and forget it by going back home, guess what happened.
There was no electricity.

So I ended up sitting in the heat, fanning myself, wondering why this is happening.

Oh well, I guess bad hair days are real.

But thankfully, the electricity is back.

Adam Lambert's latest album.

Adam Lambert. He is one of my favourite musicians. His music has always been fun for me and I always enjoyed listening to him.

That is why I was so glad to find out that he just put out a new album recently. It's been so long since I heard from him. I was actually worried that he left the music industry or something.
But fortunately, that's not true because he just released an album recently.

His latest album is called The Original High.

I just streamed the whole thing on Spotify recently, wondering if this album would be to my liking.

I think Adam Lambert is pretty versatile. He started out with a glam rock sort of album and now, he's doing this james dean ethereal sort of album. In a way, it's a different direction.
However, luckily for me, I have always loved ethereal themed albums.

So do I like this album? Yes, I do.
I love it very much.

It reminds me of Lana Del Rey. However, it's not as good as Lana Del Rey's. However, it's good for easy listening and if you w…

Feelings and emotions.

This will be a long post on feelings and emotions. Blame this on Grey's Anatomy. Yes, I am rewatching it. And it has made me think or feel so much. Or rather, I have been going down the ugly memory lane.

I feel alot. I have always felt alot.
I think alot too and I have always thought alot too.

My thoughts and my emotions have always been intertwined rather closely.
I feel and think alot.
It's both my blessing and my curse.

True, sometimes my thoughts and emotions overwhelms me and drowns me out. 
Sometimes, I feel like I can't breathe.

But having thoughts and emotions isn't all bad. Sometimes, the best of moments of life just leave me so dizzy and so euphoric. Sometimes, I feel so happy and content that no words can ever describe those fleeting moments of pure joy.

In my younger years, I must admit that these emotions and feelings were definitely hard on me.

I didn't know how to express them and I didn't know what to do with them. I just felt so much and deeply that it w…