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And my summer has come to an end.

I really wanted this summer to be the best summer ever. The most fascinating and fun one. Because honestly, everything seemed to be going my way.

I had good friends, good food and everything. So it just seemed that everything would be all good.

I wouldn't say I had a bad summer. It's just that I assume that everything would be sweet. But life would not let me have things all sweet. So it added a little saltiness for me. I don't think it's a bad thing to have a little saltiness. It's just adds to the taste of life and makes it more vibrant.

Anyway, the saltiness is the hard part of my summer. And the only hard part about my summer is my internship. 

To be honest, I expected it to be super awesome and amazing. I expected to love every single minute of it.
But I didn't.

Turns out, I am not a fan of the department that I'm interning in. If anything, it took all of my will to get up in the morning and go to work. I have not been so upset in a long long time.

But then a…

Death Note

Well, Death Note recently came out with a new Japanese TV Drama.

Obviously, I had to go watch it.

I am a huge fan of Death Note.
Death Note is still my favourite anime of all time. I have watched so much anime in my life and so far, Death Note is still on top of that list.

But personally, I prefer the Death Note live action movie ending compared to the anime/manga. Because that ending just made more sense.

How is the new TV drama so far?

Ummm.....I'm still figuring it out.
Because they changed quite a few things about the characters from Death Note. They changed L and Light Yagami quite abit.

I'm not sure if I like that change yet.

So instead of finishing the drama, I started to rewatch the live action movies.



Death Note matters alot to me.
Because the plot and the characters are so amazing.

So yea.

Judgement Day is here.

So judgement day came.
And honestly, I surrounded myself with my fellow classmates for they are my fellow comrades in this battle.
Yes, I treat my exams like it's a battle, somewhat.

As all battles, you hear news of those who came out of it unscathed and those who don't. And my heart rejoices who came out on top and my heart goes out to those who didn't.

I wanted to surround myself with my classmates and other people who are in the same university because only they truly understand what we are going through.

Because many people would be like, oh, it's just result day. Why are you so nervous?
I literally shook as I was typing my registration number to get my results. That was how nervous I was.

Some people don't understand the implication of staring at results that summarize one year of hard work.
It's heavy.
Because it's like, all the pressure is compressed to one point.

It's like a sword of Damocles hanging. It either collapses on you if you do badly or disappea…

Judgement day is coming.

My result day is coming, hence, judgement day is coming.

I go to a very interesting university where we have one semesters a year and it's all exam based. So each subject has an exam. And that one exam decides our grades for the year.

So, the results are coming out.

To all my classmates and myself, this is a big deal.
The day where it tells you what your hardwork is worth for the entire year.

I find my university system to be pretty rough on us. 
Because we do so much work and it is not graded or seen by the system.
All that matters is how well we do for that one exam. 
In that sense, it's rather stressful.

That one day matters. It's everything. When one day becomes the basis for the hardwork for a year, it gets pretty heavy. It's like all the pressure is on one day. You feel it and you feel it hard.

And now with the results coming out, I'm sure many of my classmates are just as nervous as I am. I'm sure some even foresee their failure in some papers.

But for me, this yea…

Grateful for everything.

I been thinking about my life alot and how things are so different are.

I won't lie. Of course, I do miss my past every once in a while. I miss how carefree things were and maybe how my friends seemed more supportive because at that time, we were all free and we are just up in each other faces. So it was nice to have people to share things with.

At first, I felt a little lonely because I felt that I didn't really have anyone to share certain things. 
That was how I started to miss things.

But then again, as time passes by, things changed a bit.

I realized that I did have good friends. And honestly, I am grateful for them. This lead me to think about my life. 
In that moment, I begin to realize how good my life. So, I feel extremely grateful.

I'm having the time of my life. Learning things I love. Discovering new experiences. Hanging out with friends that I love their company.
Everything is good.

My life is only beginning and so much can happen from here on.

I know life is going to g…