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I dislike politics highly.
Because it's messy and politicians say crap.

Most of all, it's very heated.
People get angry and opinions gets thrown around like they are facts.

No one talks about facts.
No one is rational.
Everyone is just mad.

And that's why I dislike it.

It will be nice if we can discuss matters of a country rationally.
We need to be calm.
After all, matters of a country is a big deal.

But the way it is done, I feel like this is a messy system.
Sometimes, I feel like this system is not helping.

Maybe we need a better system.
Oh well.

I don't really have much to say.

University started.
And so, just like that, my life is in full swing again.

Starting to study again after a long break is a little tough.
Because you are totally out of shape and out of the groove.
And the only way to get into shape and in the groove is to forcefully keep studying and forcing yourself to focus.

Eventually, you will get into that groove.
But for now, I can say that I'm not really into the studying mood yet but yet, I force myself to study because I have to.

Anyway, the thought of my career have entered my mind quite a few times. So I thought hard about what I wanted to do after I want.

At first, I was afraid.
What do I do?
What can I do?
What am I good at?
What do I want?

So many questions. No answers. 

But then the more I went further into what my career should be, the more I realize one thing. I can literally do whatever I want. The world is my stage and I'll play it as much and as hard as I can.

And just like that, I stopped worrying. 

Things will work out in the end. So ye…


This is the Iphone 5.
Sure, it's not newest phone.

But I just bought it secondhand from a friend who sold it pretty cheaply.
But there is a slight problem with the charging though because I have to jiggle it so that it charges.
But other than that, it's kinda perfect.

This may be one of my hastiest purchase.
But it was cheap.
And I know an Iphone will never be that cheap.
And worse comes to worse, I'll just switch back to my current phone.

But for now, I'm just absolutely ecstatic.

I have always been a rather reasonable shopper.
But I have one weakness and it's Iphones.

I really really love Iphones.

It's my dream phone. I have always wanted an Iphone. ALWAYS.

The reason for that is because I have always found Iphones to have the best software and hardware. 
Simply because it's beautiful.

It's not just functional, it's actually really beautiful.

It's the little details that Apple put the effort into. No other phone, to me, has mastered the beauty Iphones have…

Back to school.

Well, summer is over.

And it's time to start University again.

Now, this is my third and final year. Honestly, my goal is to graduate by this academic year.

How did I do in my year 2? 
Well, it was better than my year 1 but it still fell slightly short from my intended goal.

So this only means one thing, I am going all out on year 3. It's the final leg of the race and I have this one last shot. So I am just going to do my best and see where it takes me.
I'm just going to work harder and smarter. I'll see where that takes me.

I am getting all sort of bittersweet emotion with the start of my year 3.

1) This is my final year as an undergraduate student.
This life that I have enjoyed as an undergraduate so far will come to an end soon. Then, I'll have to start focusing on real life such as jobs and careers.

2) Career.
Everyone in my year is currently making plans. Some are considering post graduate studies and others are considering qualifications such as ACCA and CFA.
I find this…