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Christmas in the air.

I have always loved Christmas.

It's one of my favourite things.

I can't even quite pinpoint the reason why I love Christmas. There's something in the air. Something magical and wonderful. And I always feel like a child again. Full of excitement and merriment. 

Honestly, I usually just spend my Christmas with my family. We would eat breakfast, open our presents and then spend the whole day watching those super cliche heartwarming Christmas movies.

Nothing special.

Yet this is my favourite time of the year.

I feel festive. 

I feel like celebrating.

Maybe it's because it's almost the end of the year.
And I have always like ending the year with a bang. So that I can start the year with a bang.

Or maybe there's just no reason.

But problem with being festive is that I feel celebrating when I should really be studying.

This is my final year and I really want to complete focus on my studies.

But now, I feel festive so that dampens my study mood a little.

I need to learn how to juggl…


With the recent news, it's obvious that the world is in a lot of pain, sadness and grief. 

As much as I feel this sadness, pain and grief, I choose against it. What do I mean by that?

What I'm trying to say is I choose kindness and love. I choose to spread kindness and love. I choose to be positive. I choose to be optimistic. I choose to be kind.

I know some might say, aren't you just ignoring the pain and sadness? 
That's not true.
I'm not ignoring.

I'm just saying that there's already too much pain, sadness and grief. And I don't want to perpetuate that. 

For example, the recent thing that happened in Paris, France. It's such sad news. People are outraged and shock. I understand that.

But to suddenly condemn all muslims? That's not fair at all.

Instead of hating muslims, I think we should be united and show kindness to the victims and one another.

Because I think being kind and showing love says that, you are stronger than this. It shows that the attack…


I feel a little sad that this year I can't join NaNoWriMo.
What is NaNoWriMo?
It's the 
National November Writing Month.
Usually, I would participate in this but I choose not to this year because this is my final year and I want to focus on my studies completely.
But since it's November and it's as if my body remembers, I truly have been aching to write.  And it doesn't help when every writer is talking about their writing on social media. It truly is aching.
I promise myself that the moment my exams end, I will write.  I need to finish one story anyway.
It's long overdue anyway.
But it's weird though, having inspirations occasionally. Just wanting to write.
Funny thing is, I am not sure what I want to write. But there's just this gnawing thought that shouts, TIME TO WRITE. TIME TO WRITEEEEE.
So yea.
But I think I'll go look at a word prompt later and then go write.

My crazy ass electronics.

My electronics are always a little bit crazy.

I swear, my electronics always seem to have their own personality.

Even back when I was younger, I have a PC and even it was slightly temperamental. 

Why am I talking about my electronics?

Well, I think it's because my phone and my powerbank have been behaving oddly. Like a little oddly.

Like my powerbank, it could charge to 100% one day for my phone but the next day, it wouldn't charge above 77%.

And my phone, one minute, it's fluid but the next, it isn't. So yea.

But yea, my electronics are behaving oddly. 

But then again, they have always been that way. So yea.

Anyway, just take care of your electronics.