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My country government decided to do something horrible which is to stop giving out scholarships to students in both foreign and local universities due to falling revenues.

Honestly, this is a horrible thing.

Because I know so many students count on scholarships to further their studies. Personally, I disagree with this entire system of scholarships and how they pick their recipients but that's a different story for another day.

I found this sad and terrible because this would rob away many students dream to further their studies.

Eventhough I have been lucky to been able to receive a tertiary education which is my undergraduate studies, I am aware that not everyone is as lucky as me.

But because I did not come for a rich family, I also know what it is like to have my dreams shatter in my very hands (my dreams was related to education.)

But as much this is horrible thing, no matter what happens, no what the silly government does, we still have to live our life.

This is where my optimism c…

Graduating soon?

If all goes well this final exam, I would be graduating.

My classmates and I are beginning to be aware of the fact that we will be graduating very soon. We are all happy and yet scared.

Happy because we are a little tired of studying. It's alot of hard work and we want to just finish.

Scared because we don't know what we want in terms of our career yet and the economy is not doing so hot right now.

I'm really trying hard to stay positive right now.

A classmate recommended me to apply for overseas internships in the big firms so I tried applying in some. Let me just say, it's hard work. Each application took me hours because I had to write essays.

Applying for a job feels harder than an application to a university. Because I can write one essay for a university and reuse it for multiple universities. But for jobs, each company may ask for different things, hence, I have to start thinking of writing each essay customized to each company.

One company actually required me to writ…


I know it may be surprising but I actually love weddings. People who are old friends with me assume that I'm not a wedding sort of person because I'm so tomboy-ish but actually, I have always love weddings because I'm a sentimental sort of person. I have actually imagined and planned my own wedding in my head multiple times in my life just for fun because it just looks so beautiful.

I attended a distant relative wedding the other day. They followed the more chinese custom sort of wedding.
Personally, I am not a fan of the way weddings are done in my culture. 
It's not because I dislike my culture.
But because I don't really value the same thing my culture does in weddings.

Personally, I wouldn't want to have a tea ceremony. According to the chinese culture, this is a way of the elders in your family to show their blessings and it's also a way that the bride and groom show respect to their elders.

I have no problem with respect. But for me, I believe that weddings…

New Year Resolutions

New Year Resolution.

I always make New Year resolutions. 

To set the new year.

To set a direction for this year.

And to make sure I have goals for the year. 

To also complete old goals that I have left hanging from the previous years.

My New Year Resolutions for this year are :

TravelBe healthyDo well in universityBreak a bad habitFigure out my future and execute itChoose happinessTo continue growing and learningTo be the best that I can be
For the breaking habit resolution, I been finding it pretty hard to break. But I'm really doing my best. It's a little frustrating because who knew a bad habit was so hard to break. But I really want to break it because I am sick and tired at seeing myself doing that habit. It's silly and it's stupid. So yea.
But just because I find it hard doesn't mean I'm going to say, ah, I failed my new year resolution because I didn't fail it yet. It's hard but I'm doing my best. So yea.
All the best to your new year~!