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Things I miss in High School.

High school wasn't exactly a time of joy for me. It was rough and it was not easy for me.
But despite all that, I wouldn't say that I completely hated everything about it. I hated alot of things but not everything.

And funny thing is, when you look back, I had to admit, it was youth. I was young and I was silly. It was a crazy time.

But now as I am graduating from undergraduate studies, I realise that there is a small part of me that wants to go back to that carefree youthful days for a short moment. But, I know that's kinda impossible. So much has changed. 

What I have now is not bad.
If anything, it's crazy good.

But there's something about innocence, stupidity, recklessly and anger that is enticing sometimes.
And it makes me miss it. A little bit. Not alot. 

So here are some things I miss about high school.

I miss the long mindless conversations about nothing.

I miss the long chats on the internet in forums and chat rooms.

I miss the giggling over silly stupid girly things…

career fair?

My classmates and I are going to a career fair tomorrow.

We aren't graduates yet but it's obvious that we are all being early about career because we know the economy isn't doing so good right now.

We all have our fears.
We all have our worries.
And it's all valid.

But it's good that we are doing something about it.

Because doing something is better than doing nothing and being worried about it.

Because sometimes worrying is tiring and it gets you nowhere.

So yea~!

Thoughts on city change

I was on the bus today and as the bus passes by the places, I noticed all these changes in my city. New buildings, constructions and new roads.
I haven't lived very long and yet so much changes has already happened. 
Children or babies who are born much later will never even know that the city has changed because when they were born, the city has already changed.

I don't know why but I found this mind blowing.
In the past, no one foresaw any of these changes.
And now, this changes are happening.

It only goes to show that the city and life is everchanging.

Change will continue to occur.

It only goes to show, I would never really know the future.
I wouldn't be able to foresee what I will do in the future.

My future might be out of my expectations.
It might be completely crazy and awesome.
It might be completely different from what I am thinking currently.

And I like that thought.
It only goes to show that the future is unpredictable.
And it could be anything.

Hence, it could be simply amazi…


I been reading some articles regarding love lately.

To be honest, some article is shit. I can't believe those articles even exist because it is so sexist and silly.

There were quite a few articles that talked about what being in a bad relationship or when the other person isn't good for you.

There is nothing wrong with that.

However, I noticed one thing.

There was a lack of articles talking about how you can be a better person to love the other person.

It was always about how the other person sucks or failed you.

I wonder about ourselves. If we try to be there for the other person.

What if, we were the ones who were the bad ones in the relationship? What if we are the toxic one? 

But the sad thing is that, the articles were never about self reflection.

It was always about the other party.

But I like to think, every relationship is different. 

What matters is that you're happy in that relationship. As long as you are, then it's good.