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Social media

A friend of mine was tagged in a post. In that post, it stated that she was in a relationship with this person. 
I wished her congratulations.

But somehow this made me think. 

There's nothing wrong with posting on social media. I'm myself post on social media often. (Especially twitter).

But it made me think though.

Am I in the generation or times where if it's not on social media or in pictures, it did not happen and hence, it's not real?

I been told before, if there's no pictures and you didn't post it online, it didn't happen.

But it did happen. 
So just because I didn't show the world, it didn't matter?

I dislike how I personally sometimes look to social media for validation. I'm still working on this. Hence, I don't always post but I still post occasionally. I'm trying to find a good balance.

I just don't like how we go, if it's not on social media, it didn't happen.

Look, not everything needs to be on social media.
Some things can be kept private.

For me, I remember that when I went for trips, I just told my close friends. I barely took any pictures (maybe I should have taken one or two pictures just for memory sake). But I did enjoyed myself completely. Anyhow, I didn't post any pictures on social media.

As for relationships, when it first happened, I only told the friends that were in my inner circle, hence, they already knew what was up. They kinda even knew who I was into and what I was going to do. So when it happened, they were the first to know. 

Slowly, a month in, I told my other friends. I also told it on social media subtly. You would have to pay attention to realise. But I didn't make a big post where I announced that I was in a relationship. It was subtle and not all my friends were on that social media platform too so not everyone knew.

But then again, that's just me. I'm more private.

I constantly think about social media and how it has affected us. 

How some of us look to it for validation.
But at the same time, some of us look to it to truly stay connected with other friends because there is a real physical distance between us. 

So I can't deny the good that social media has done. 
I also cannot that it may have caused other issues but that's not social media's fault. 

It's more like our fault and how we perceive it. 
So yea. 


Happy "Sam" said…
hehe !!
Time is going fast !
My first and second child are 2 years between.

social media !~~
Ya !
Got good and bad .....
But no choice ~
Now is different already compare last time ~

No phone ...
Now the people ..... like lost one hand already ~
hehe ~

Nvm ~
Just enjoy and walk our own journey ~
Let keep up !!
Healthy !!
Happy !!

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