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Lately, I have been traveling. The reason for this is because I have gotten a job and I will start soon. But before I start, I want to travel abit and see different sights from what I am used to.

I took two roadtrips. One with family and the other with friends.

On both roadtrips, I noticed that the mountains were no longer as green as they used to be. Raw red land exposed, without any trees. It's was as if someone was destroying nature. This made me a little upset. 

I never realised how bad deforestation is until these roadtrips. To see nature being cut down for our humanly things such as construction is very sad indeed. We, humans, are literally hurting the very planet we are living in.

Even in tourist spots such as caves, nature was not spared. You could hear the sounds of construction and you could clearly see nature being cut down. Once again, the bare red land without trees was there.

If even caves in tourists spots are not spared, it only goes to show how bad this problem is. 


This is for the naysayers.

Well, in my life, there has been a few people who looked me in the eye and said that I couldn't do it.
They have said that I wasn't that kind of person.
Or that I required something because I was lacking.

I am not lacking.
I can do whatever I want.


Don't come up to me and say, hey, that's just reality.
That's your crappy reality.

My reality is different.
My reality will not be defined by your reality.
My reality is what I define it to be.

I will make this life mine.
I will embrace this life.
I will make it good.
I will be do the best that I can.

This is a new beginning for me.

And I will do my best.

And I will make it good.

No, I will make it extraordinary.

And this will be my life. 
And I will forever be grateful for everything and everyone.

In need of a goal.

I definitely need a new goal
I know this is my holiday. My last holiday because if all goes well, I graduate.
I should be enjoying this last holiday.

Unfortunately, I am not.
It's odd.
I'm just not doing anything except coming online every day or going out with friends occasionally.

So I need a goal. To do something.
Or else, I will remain really bored for a really really long time.

I think I will make a list of what I want to do so that I can have a rough idea of what I want to do.

To do list for the holidays.

WriteReadLearn to cook or bakeLearn to drive again
Right now, this is all I have in the list. I haven't done any of them yet but I think I should start soon. So yea. Let's have fun since this is my last holiday and all.


I was just thinking of a rejection that I just got from companies regarding jobs and internships. Of course, it still stings a little. I think rejection will always sting a little to me.
But no matter what happens, I tell myself to get up. To stand tall and fight again. Life will close doors in my face. I am aware of that. But I have to remind myself that when life does that, I have to search for the open windows.

And if life shuts a door in my face, it just means that isn't the path I am meant to walk. I just have to find my path. If that takes a long time, I should still keep at it and never give up. 
People and the world can reject me all they want. But I must never stop believing that I am great and worth it or that my time to shine is coming. Because those are all true. 

I must never stop giving up. Because I been through storms before and I survived all of them. Not only did I survive, I come out of them, stronger and better every single time. Storms only built me up. 
So if I ke…