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One of my biggest temptations is definitely Apple products in terms of materials. Things that I really really want to buy.

I have always love Apple for their simple yet beautiful design for both hardware and software. 

Hence it has always been hard for me to resist them.

With the recent release of the Apple Iphone and Apple Watch Series 2, I admit that my brain has been thinking about them alot recently.

I been talking about Apple to many people, both offline and online. 

Anyhow, Apple products aren't cheap and cost a fair bit. 

As usual, I am swayed to get apple products.

I am very tempted. It's taking alot of me to just tell myself to not buy. 

But of course, I'm not too scared for myself.
I have been tempted before.
I have been in this position before. 

I been tempted this badly before.
Back then, it was worse because I knew I couldn't afford those and yet I wanted so badly.

But now, I am able to afford them but question is, do I blow such a big hole in my pocket because I still…


Sorry that I haven't blogged in a while. You can blame work and life for that.

Anyway, I'm back.


I am a huge Apple fan.

I am kind of in love with the new apple products.

Bad thing about loving Apple is that it's expensive and I know they will just take all my money away from me.

Time to work harder so that I can afford Apple products.
Just joking. But really. Haha. 

Anyway, I am not the kind of person who splurges on gadgets. I do loads of thinking and budgeting. 

But are those things on my wishlist? Absolutely.
But will I buy them? That depends.

I love Apple because they are innovative. 
Like they took away the 3.5mm earphone jack. 
Are many people pissed? Absolutely.
But then again, this is innovation.
Doing something new.
So even though I don't like it, I respect that.

Other than that, I like that Apple design for lifestyles.
I love that the new Apple Watch Series 2 will be user friendly to people on wh…