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The red thread of fate

I just watched kimi no wa. (Kimi no wa is this amazing animated film) 

Watching this movie made me think of the red thread of fate.

Honestly, I cannot say I do not believe in this.

The red thread of fate does not only mean soulmate. No.
The red thread of fate is for everyone that you ever met. 
The red thread of fate means that everyone you ever met was meant for you. They were supposed to be there for you.
That's their fate. 
Just as you are supposed to be there for them. 
That's your fate.

I cannot treat the red thread of fate as rubbish because for me, it is real.

There have been people who come in my life and I thought they were important but in the end, they left. 
In that sense, it means that our red thread of fate has ended. It was there in the past but now, it's severed.

And then there are people that you meet that somehow they become very important. 
This is also the red thread of fate. 
They came into your life because that's their fate and your fate.

When that movie said t…

Decisions after decisions

This will be a rather serious and long post. So yea. I have warned ya~! Muahaha~!

Life is a series of decisions.

When we are younger, we don't quite see it.
Maybe because those decisions don't seem too important such as what to eat.

Even in university, those decisions didn't seem as heavy as it is now.
Such as what to study?
Even though choosing what to study was important as it did set the course for the future
But it was not earth shattering.
No matter what I studied, it didn't matter. After all, people could get jobs that weren't related to what they studied. The future can change.

And with that, I chose to study what I love.
Hence, it wasn't a really hard decision at all.

But now, these decisions are heavy.
Because it directly impacts the future.
Whatever I choose now will directly change my future path.
But then again, the thing about the future is that it's fluid.

It can always change if you don't like it and decide to change it.

Currently, I have made a decision…