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Travel broadens your mind?

I was just thinking travelling lately because it as something that I did recently I guess.

People often said that travelling broadens your mind. I don't quite agree with this sentence.

Because for me, travelling doesn't broaden my mind.

If anything, it only teaches me what kind of person I am.

When you travel to a foreign country, because it's foreign, there will be stress. So you definitely learn more about yourself. 

For me, I am the type of traveler who learns more about themselves.

Like for me, I realise that I'm not into going to a million places at once. 
And I'm not into tours.

But I will do things that I wanna do.
Most of all, I like the experience to be as authentic as possible. So I would like to stay in a neighbourhood. 
I'm more about exploring what makes the city ticks.

But I guess it also depends on the city.

In the past, I went to Osaka, Japan. It was completely foreign.
People spoke a different language.
It was obvious that I was a foreigner.
I knew that I did…

Shifting lights

I been back from London for a week now.

And yes, I was jet-lag. Gosh, it was horrible. My jet-lag brought out my anxieties in me and for a few days, I felt horrid.

I couldn't sleep properly, I couldn't eat properly and all I want to do was cry because I was just so anxious.

But as the days go by, I recovered and now I am alright again.

In fact, I am feeling relatively optimistic and happy actually.

I think the London trip was something that I needed.
I needed to see how a different part of the world looked like.

And oddly enough, London didn't feel foreign to me.
If anything, it felt like home.
Odd, isn't it?

But now that I'm back, I feel that London has allowed my imagination to returned.
And my optimism for life too.

I wouldn't say I don't worry about money anymore.
Because I do.
But I feel less stressed now.

I feel like things are gonna get better.
Like there's a better hope.
Like I will achieve something.

That although, currently, I am not a fan of my current job sco…

A Londre. (In London)

So I went to London for my graduation. I am actually still there. Yup, I'm still in London as I type this blog post out.

To be honest, London doesn't feel like a foreign city to me.

If anything, it feels like I am coming home.

The reason for that is because I grew up in a UK colonised country. There's alot of UK history in my country.
Most of all, my primary and secondary schools were missionary schools founded by UK kind people.

I even came from a girl school. So yay to girl power.

So yes, it's crazy actually.
I am thousands of miles away from "home" (my country of origin) and yet, I do not feel foreign here.
If anything, I blend in.

I guess this shows that I am a very cosmopolitan person.

Other than that, when it comes to travelling, I realise that I am a different sort of traveller.

I really dislike cramping alot of things in one itinerary. I enjoy taking my time and going from place to place that interests me. Hence, tours are definitely not my thing.

I realise that …