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Striking gold

I know I may regret this post for years to come. 
Because if we aren't together anymore, then this will hurt.
But right now, at this moment, this feeling is overwhelming me.

And I felt too lazy to write it in my journal. So I decided to blog it here instead.

I struck gold with you.
Yes, you are gold, my love.

It's insane.
I never thought I would ever be with someone like you.
I am lucky.
And I am grateful for it.

I always assumed most guys were playful. They were all in it for the fun. For the chase.
I had friends like that so I thought most guys were this way.
I had prepared myself to be played.
I had prepared myself for a fickle love where they stayed because it was fun.
But the moment things get rough, they leave.

And I was fine with that.
Because I would play too, just as they play me.
I never thought of taking it seriously.
I thought of just having a good time and enjoying myself.

Then, you came.
Swept me off my feet.
I won't lie.
I was afraid when I realised I was falling for you, head first.
The more severe my feelings were, the more the fear grew.

I was afraid that it won't no longer be in control.
That I would get hurt at the end of the day.
And I didn't want that.
I contemplated leaving a few times.
Because I didn't want it to be serious.

But he was steady like a rock.
He was honest.
He was serious.
He wasn't playing.
He meant it.
All of it.
And it shows.

And it shocks my system. Until today.

But over time, I slowly accepted that I am absolutely madly in love with this man.

He is not perfect.
As all humans, he has flaws.
But as time passes, his strength overpowers his flaws every single damn time. 

And sometimes, I catch myself asking, is he the one?
Because sometimes, he does.

He sees through me.
He knows me very well. (Much more than I like though. haha)

The thing about falling in love is sometimes you get caught up in wanting to make the other person happy that for a moment, a quick moment, you forget about yourself.

And when he looked me in the eye and said, be yourself. Don't forget yourself. Chase your dreams. Do what you want. I want you to be happy.

When the very person you love catch you and reminds you, that you are important. That your dreams matters. Not just his. But yours too.

And that is when I knew, I struck gold with you.

You, my love, are gold.

And thank you for that.


Happy "Sam" said…
wow !!
Go for it !!
Belief yourself !!
Choice already no regret !!
No people know what is the future !!
But the future all in our hand !!

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