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Dark Side.

I identify myself as an ENFP.
For those who don't what that is, it's from a personality type from a personality quiz by Myers Brigg.  It helps to understand who you are as a person And this was something I did when I was younger and I identified with this type because finally, there was an explanation on why I was so emotional or crazy.
You can take the quiz here
Although being an ENFP is a great thing, it can also be tiring because we are exceptionally emotional people. 
But I wanted to talk about is the dark side of the ENFP. The edge. 
Although ENFP are generally warm and bubbly people, they are not always the nicest.
Thing is, generally, ENFP are nice because they have good and strong values.
But sometimes, once in a while, a corrupted ENFP exists.
And honestly, I think a corrupted ENFP is dangerous.
A corrupted ENFP would definitely be more prone to addictions such as alcoholism, drugs and etc.  A corrupted ENFP might definitely enjoy living on the edge because it gives them a certa…

Life, jobs and university

Hey there.

Sorry for not blogging for a while.
I been searching for jobs.
But I'm back now.

So yes, I been searching for jobs.
And it's crazy.
Why is it so hard to get the job that you want?

Not gonna lie.
I don't just want a job.
I want a job that I want to do.
I want a job that makes me excited in the morning
I want a job that makes me go, yes, I want to do this.

My current job contract is ending.
And I don't intend to stay.
Because I don't quite enjoy the job scope.
But of course, that's provided I am able to find a job that I enjoy or suits me.

And it's simply insane that some companies don't reply while others are just reject you.
I admit I'm growing a little tired.

I think the biggest lie that universities tell you that the degree opens up doors for you.
No. It doesn't.
It's just an entry requirement.
It's just like a bus ticket.
It gets you to another bus station.
But whether or not you reach your intended destination, that would depends on your lu…