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So I have been in my home department for almost a month.

It's easy to turn to my colleague and go, oh, I would like that job. I would love to do that.
It's very ENFP of me.

But I refuse.
Some people been saying that I might just drown because it's technical.
And on some days, even I kick the dust in the air and go, ah, why is this so complicated?

But at the end of the day, I will persist.
At the end of the day, I won't drown.
I will float.
I will add value.
And I will be better.
And I will continue to grow.

But most of all, I am enjoying myself.
I am enjoying learning.
I am enjoying being in this place, knowing that I am able to finally start my career path properly again.
Knowing that I am in a good starting point.

And I will work hard to get to where I want.

And that makes me so radiant and confident.

The older I become, the more the distance grows.

I am slowly turning this blog into a diary.
And personally, I am fine with that.
Diary. Blogs. Journals. 
They are all the same.
They are simply a place of expressions.

Only difference is, here, it's for all to see.
Whereas diaries and journals are hidden in my bedroom for my eyes only.
But since I'm trying to practice honest living.
Writing here isn't a bad start.

To be honest, living honestly is definitely difficult.

My values are clearly so different from the people around me.
And because of that, it creates alot of friction.
Since I decided to live honestly, I am less willing to hide or pretend.
So I wear my heart and opinions on the sleeves and that turns the frictions into arguments. 

I still live with my parents.
And I'm Asian.

Asian parents have a way with them.
It's always about following their rules.
Whether or not it makes any sense.

Being a person who always had my own thoughts and opinions,
it's difficult when people tell you,