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A few months at the job now

This job is interesting.

But now, I am beginning to see its challenges for me.

Like my original worry, I'm not a detailed person and my skills may not be up to par.

I'm doing the most simplest work in my team right now and I understand because I am new and I probably don't have the skill set required yet. 

But I can't deny that my team does very interesting work.

Just today, my team mate presented his draft analysis for our company and I thought it was good.

It was filled with graphs and it was beautiful.

He could tell a story through them.

And he knew how to pull out the data he needed. (I'm still figuring this out)

It was interesting.

I enjoyed his presentation. 

Because to be able to do his presentation, one needed to have the data and have knowledge of the current business strategy.

It was seeing things at many angles. And for once in my life, I found myself not being able to cover all angles.

I also told myself, cool, I want to do this one day.

And in that moment, I realise…

Fading thoughts

Lately, I had so much thoughts. 

But I also realise that with the busyness of life, my thoughts are fading away before I had time to jot it down.

And it made me slightly upset.

As someone who values their thoughts and feelings, I don't like my thoughts fading away from me.
It feels as though I am losing a part of myself.

Maybe I value my thoughts and feelings too much.

It has not completely faded away.

I guess before it completely disappear, I should jot it down.