Design Thinking and Steve Jobs

This is going to be a long post and I apologize. 

Anyway my department meeting yesterday talked about design thinking and it only reminded me of Steve Jobs.

I have always loved Apple and Steve Jobs. I know Steve Jobs wasn't the greatest guy ever. He could have been nicer and etc. But this is not about that. This is about his vision, his beliefs and philosophy. I never quite realised how much I believed in Steve Jobs philosophy until I sat down and thought about it. 

I admired Steve Jobs philosophy of design first. I don't know if he was the first guy who made design thinking into a thing. Or if he is the one who popularize that thinking?

Minimalism. Simplicity. Clean. Aesthetics. User friendly. He made sure Apple designs abide by this. And this is what I have always loved about Apple. He made technology sexy, beautiful and cool. 

I never quite realised that I, myself, believed in these values.

But today, as I sat down and think, I realised that, the older I grow, the more I have turned from liking these philosophy into holding it as my own.

To be honest, although Steve Jobs is dead and gone now. And may he rest in peace. But it is only today, that I realised that I held him as an icon in my heart. He is my role model. For design thinking anyway. haha.

Thus, sitting in the department meeting yesterday, I realised that design thinking was not foreign to me. I have been practicing it for a few years now. It's almost natural to me. Almost. I still need practice. 

But this would explain why I'm not into clutter.

Despite loving design thinking, I must admit that having only clean lines and everything is a little boring sometimes. Since everyone is into simplicity and although that is great, I feel that alot of our designs nowadays lack variety. But let's get to this topic on another day.

I guess I'm just surprised that design thinking is something I believe in.

But not only that, I was watching this speech that Steve Jobs in a training one day. 

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I resonated with almost every word he said.

I already love Steve Jobs for his confidence. 
But these words he said in this speech, I definitely resonated with them. 

I believe in looking forward to the future too. Believing that everything would work out. I always had hope because well, it's the only thing I have to hang on to.

Passion is also a huge thing that I always held tight in my heart. I am all about having passion. Be passionate about what you do. I think it's because I'm a person who is aware that things will be hard and is bored easily. And having passion will just make things easier and keep me focused.

I believe in being curious. This is something I have always been. I have always questioned. That's because I grew up in a home that allowed me to constantly ask why. Even if there's no answers. 
So the words, "Stay hungry. Stay foolish." really sits well with me. 
Because I already instinctive believe in that.

Like I said, I am simply surprised about how many things I have taken to heart.

And that's all from me today.  


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