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A torch passed down

The other day, I was watching Boku No Hero Academia (My Hero Academia) and this particular scene hit me so hard.

It reminded me of my graduation.

Yes, I know it sounds unrelated but bear with me.

 When All Might pointed to him, saying you're next. Deku knew it meant his time has come to an end as one of the best heroes ever and as the greatest symbol of peace. And Deku, being the inheritor of his power, knew that he had a heavy shoes to wear. 

All Might just passed him the torch and Deku had a heavy expectation to fill. But despite that, it's one he will carry and wear with pride.

I understand this.

When I graduated, there's this sense of pride. I am the first in my family to graduate. 

In that sense, I carried my family's expectation. Their hopes and dreams. Their fears and insecurities. I carried it all despite it's weight.
If you closed your eyes, I could almost hear them say, "The world is your stage now. It's your turn. Show the world what you're worth.&q…